Complete contact info is available at However, here are the basics:

Blog Chainsaw on a Tire Swing

Voice 314-780-0489 (c) or 314-644-4900 (w)

Office 1610 S. Big Bend Blvd. / St. Louis, MO 63117


We offer several email listservs for a variety of interests. People tell us that these listservs—which include GranneNotes, GranneDev, and GranneClass—are amazingly useful. If you'd like more information about these fantastic resources, check out Email Groups Overseen by Scott Granneman.

Spam: A Historical Note

A note on spam: I now use Gmail, which does a great job catching almost all of the spam I get. However, back in the day, I set up some draconian anti-spam filters on my own to block the flood of garbage I would otherwise recieve. I don't use them any longer, but I keep my list of red-flag words on the Anti-Spam Filters page for historical reasons.

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