The Politics of Encryption: Snowden, Surveillance, & the 4th Amendment

The implications of Snowden's revelations as a basis for exploring the politics of encryption.

Website Design & Development

Information about Website Design and Development, a 2-semester course (Basic in the Fall; Advanced in the Spring).

Technology for Non-Technical Managers

Information about Technology for Non-Technical Managers, a one-week intensive course.

Technology & the Law

Technology & the Law, a course team-taught with Denise Lieberman, Esq.

Using Everyday Technology

Get a handle on key technologies that are useful in business, the home, & life.

Social Software: Building Community in a Virtual Environment

Information about Social Software: Building Community in a Virtual Environment, now mostly offered online.

Effective Website Management

Information about Effective Website Management, a non-technical course in planning & managing web sites.

Practical Security: Protecting Yourself Online

Information about Practical Security.

Technology in Our Changing Society

Information about Technology in Our Changing Society.

Literary Representations of Hell

Information about Literary Representations of Hell.

Communications Technology & New Media

Concepts, production, design, publications, strategies, & practical applications of interactive media.
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