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I am teaching 4 courses at Washington University in St. Louis during Spring 2016. If you’re interested, please sign up (start at or email me for more info at—and please tell your friends & family as well. The first one—The Politics of Encryption—is brand new, & will be jointly taught with Denise Lieberman, an experienced & well-known civil rights attorney. We’re very excited to teach it! The semester runs from 01/17/2017 to 05/10/2017, so sign up now.

Politics of Encryption: Snowden, Surveillance, and the Fourth Amendment

“In 2013 Edward Snowden disclosed the existence and extent of world-wide government surveillance, leading to important debates about encryption, surveillance, and control. This course uses the implications of Snowden's revelations as a basis for exploring the politics of encryption. Topics include encryption and secure communications, the use of encryption by terrorists and criminals, United States and international laws concerning encryption, and the clash between businesses like Apple and U.S. intelligence agencies.” U48 Comm 383 01 Wednesday, 5:30–7:30 p.m.

Communications Technology and New Media

“This course explores concepts, production, design, publications, strategies and practical applications of interactive media. The course focuses on emerging topics and technologies to help students develop strategies for addressing and resolving both basic and complex issues associated with interactive media. Case studies and readings will be introduced to examine a range of interactive media topics including education and journalism, social media marketing, collaboration and secure communications, legal issues of free speech and so-called intellectual property, privacy, and how these technologies change society, minds, and relationships.” U48 Comm 378 01 Thursday, 7:45–9:45 p.m.

Technology for Managers: Tools and Strategies

“This course is designed for managers and others involved in making business decisions involving technology. Students are expected to know how to use a computer, but this course is not a hands-on tutorial. Instead, we will discuss a range of issues focusing around modern technologies used by businesses around the world. Topics include networking, secure communications, open source software, mobility, e-commerce and payment systems, computer security, Web site usability, wireless, productivity tools, and more.” U48 Comm 3411 01 Tuesday, 7:45–9:45 p.m.

Advanced Website Design and Development

“This course focuses on one of the most important advanced areas of Web development: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which allow developers to set the formatting and positioning of objects in webpages in a standards-based and robust way. We will cover topics such as CSS selectors, media-specific styles, animation, navigation, layouts, lightboxes, and lots and lots of Responsive Web Design via Bootstrap and other frameworks.” U48 Comm 318 01 Saturday, 9 a.m.–noon

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