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    Scott & Jans: An Intro

    Scott. Jans. Lovecraft. An outline.

    Design Patterns

    Design patterns: what they are & why they’re useful. From architecture to computer science to Web development.

    Design Theory: The Vitruvian Triad

    How do you judge the quality of a website? Firmness, Commodity, & Delight. Some very bad websites.

    Design Principles

    Principles of Design. Balance, Unity, Emphasis.

    The Design Process

    Roles. Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy.

    Design Structure: Design Patterns in Action

    Content precedes design. Information architecture. Grids. Layouts. Website components (lots of them!).

    Multimedia: Images, Audio, Video

    Formats. Raster & vector. Animation. HTML5 elements for audio & video. Free & inexpensive sources for images, audio, & video.


    History. Basic terminology. Art. Color wheel. Color harmony. Modern color reproduction. RGB. CMY. Perceiving color. The visible spectrum. How we see colors. Theory. Biology. Color blindness. Mind games. Psychological primary colors. Color symbolism. Illusion. Motion. Perspective. Color constancy. Peripheral. Color comparison. Afterimage. Tools.

    CSS Typography: Fonts & Formatting

    Types. Measure. Leading. Scale. Operating system defaults. Web browser defaults. Core Fonts for the Web. ClearType Font Collection. Font properties. Font stacks. Text properties. Line box properties. Multi-column layout. Generated content. Font formats. @font-face. Licensing.

    Our Toolkit: What WebSanity Uses

    Development. Automation. Security. Writing. Amazon Web Services. Server. LAMP. NoSQL.

    WebSanity Top Secret