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    Overcoming the Great Divides: Technology, Ethics, & Education

    Technology, ethics, & education are inextricably intertwined. As technology plays an increasing role in education, new questions about ethical concerns & responsibilities will naturally arise. This workshop will address three major areas: equity (who's got access to technology & attempts to overcome the digital divide), identity (are they who they say they are?), and privacy (spyware, monopoly, & the new prerogative of open source).

    Intranet Technology: How It Can Benefit Schools

    The Intranet is the newest technological buzzword. And it seems like every major business and corporation is hurrying to create one. But what are Intranets? And why should schools be interested? This program goes in depth to answer these questions. By focusing specifically on the needs and strengths of schools and education, this program will help schools learn the benefits of an Intranet, and how to plan for one today.

    Integrating Curriculum and the Internet: Creating New Educational Environments

    The Internet has the potential to be a ideal educational tool, but how can teachers make the best use of it? This workshop is for teachers of different disciplines and skill levels that are interested in using the Internet as part of their curriculum, whether that involves e-mail, the Web, or MOOs.

    Internet Security: What Schools Need to Know

    As more and more schools access the Internet every day, security becomes an ever greater issue. What do teachers and students really need to know? And how can schools protect themselves? This workshop, targeted to the technology coordinator and the teacher, will cut through the scare tactics used by many in the media and address real world concerns and solutions.

    Who's the Teacher Now?: Managing the Change in Power that Technology Brings

    Teachers sometimes find the roles reversed in a classroom full of computer whiz-kids. As we find ourselves educating this extremely computer-savvy generation, we also find the balance of authority in the classroom changing. This presentation covers ways to use this change in roles constructively and for the benefit of students and teachers.

    Technology, Equity, & Ethics

    Technology isn't just computers. It's also about decent housing, making a living, and getting enough to eat. This presentation covers some of the pressing problems and innovative solutions involved in the increasingly problematic intersection of technology, equity, & ethics.

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    Google Does That Too?: A Look at All of Google's Services and Software

    Everyone knows that you can use Google to search the Web. And most people know that you can use Google for email and for maps. But how much do you really know about the full range of Google's services? This talk will cover as many of Google's services and software as we can get through in one short evening. You'll learn about lots of things you didn't know were part of Google … and you'll get lots of ideas for things you can start using immediately to make your online life easier and more productive.

    Intellectual Property (So-Called)

    A Future Out of Our Control: Digital Rights Management

    Ever tried to turn a CD you bought into mp3's, only to find you can't? Every tried to backup a DVD you purchased? (You can't … legally). It's getting worse. This presentation covers the increasing moves by media & technology companies to protect their own copyrights while unjustly limiting the rights of consumers.

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    Open Source

    Don't Click on the Blue E!: Why You Should Switch to Firefox

    I wrote the book on Firefox, and here's the talk—a fun look at the problems with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and great reasons to switch to Mozilla Firefox, the hottest (and best) web browser available today. From tabs to popup blocking, from searching secrets to the coolest extensions: it's all here. Start using Firefox today, & start browsing faster, more securely, and more efficiently!

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    Running Linux in a Windows World: Interoperability in Formats, Protocols, & Software

    Depending upon who you talk to, moving to a "Windows-free" environment can be deceptively simple—or simply deceptive. Most companies that adopt some level of UNIX/Linux operations actually find themselves running hybrid networks where Open Source environments must continue to interact with Microsoft applications and platforms. In this session, I'll address the current capabilities of Linux software, and how to achieve Open Source interoperability with a Windows installed base.

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    Open Source Case Study: The ACLU of Eastern Missouri

    Price, quality, availability, security, simplicity, and interoperability—these are the factors that must be evaluated by any responsible IT organization before committing to a major technology overhaul. Join the decision makers from one company that made the jump to an Open Source platform, and find out why they are now reaping unexpected rewards.

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    Updating Your Computer With Debian's APT

    Looking for a way to easily update your Debian-based computer's software, quickly, easily—and with dependencies resolved? Then you need APT. Learn how to use APT on the command line and with a GUI, along with tips and tricks that will enable you to harness this amazingly powerful tool.

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    Connect to a Windows Network with LinNeighborhood

    If you're running Linux and you want to connect to a Windows network in order to access filesharing, LinNeighborhood is just what you want. This presentation explains how to set up and run LinNeighborhood.

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    Searching & Using Information

    Information Literacy: New Skills for the 21st Century

    It's a new century, and new skills are required. The librarian is no longer the mediator of accurate knowledge, and other sources of authority are not always reliable. How do we judge the information we receive in email, or read on the Web? This presentation covers the issues involved in those questions, and provides some answers.

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    Uncovering Buried Treasures: How You Can Find What You Need on the Internet

    Often people ask us, "The Web is great, but there's so much stuff. Where do I begin? And how do I find what I'm looking for?" Well, we have those answers. We will discuss the best places for people in all professions to find the best information and master the essential skills of searching. As a special bonus, this program includes a list of great Web addresses for you to bookmark and use!

    How Do I Know It's True?: Validating Information Found on the Internet

    When it comes to the Internet, there are two definite truths: you can find information supporting every conceivable idea, and people believe they can tell the difference between true and false information. Unfortunately, it's often easy to be fooled. This workshop covers various tips and techniques for validating the information we find on the Internet. We guarantee you'll learn something you can use immediately!

    Security & Privacy

    They Know What?!?: Security & Privacy in the Internet Age

    How much should you worry about computer security? A lot. What can you do to protect yourself? A lot. This presentation covers the range of the problems facing computer users today, and offers some thoughtful, practical ideas for protecting ourselves. Last updated in 2004.

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    Microsoft's Plans for the Internet: Some Key Issues

    If you use Windows, if you use a Mac, if you use Linux … it doesn't matter. Microsoft's plans for the Internet are far-reaching and are going to affect ALL of us. Not everyone realizes the full extent of Microsoft's aims, and this presentation tries to enlighten us, so that we can make decisions based on knowledge. Issues discussed include Passport, Hailstorm, Product Activation, Open Source software, and other topics. Last updated in 2001.

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    Web Development

    Installing, Configuring, & Using Brackets

    Installation. How it works. First extensions. Brackets as debugging tool. Configuration. Other extensions. IMPORTANT: Adobe will not develop or update Brackets after September 1, 2021. Use Visual Studio Code instead. Last updated in 2021.

    XHTML and XML

    An overview of XML and XHTML for Web developers new to the subjects. Includes information about converting HTML to XHTML in just a few simple steps (so it assumes you already know HTML). A good introduction to an important topic: in essence, the future of display layer coding for web developers. Last updated 2004.

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    Tables No More!: Issues Involved in Using CSS Instead of Tables For Layout

    This techie talk for HTML & CSS developers looks at DTDs, the box model, & hacks for dealing with broken browsers (Internet Explorer, anyone?). Originally delivered to one of the largest privately held companies in the US, now it's available to everyone. Last updated in 2004.

    Downloads: 328 kb PDF

    Content Management Systems: Web Publishing for Everyone

    A Content Management System (CMS) allows non-technical people to publish and edit information on the Web using only a browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape. It leads to sites that are always up-to-date with fresh material because there is no bottleneck of having to publish through one person or through specialized software tools. This workshop will walk participants through their own CMS site and train them how to create and update their content. You'll be shocked at how easy it is! Last updated in 2013.

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