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All presentations, unless otherwise stated, are available under a Creative Commons license.


An archive of interviews in various media.

All Presentations

A list of all my presentations, sorted by category, except for those which have been archived.

Ladue Chapel

A lecture series I gave in Fall 2010 at Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, MO.

Exploring HTML5 & CSS

Slides for a course introducing HTML5 & CSS.

HTML to CSS to Responsive Web Design

A 5-day intensive course.

Advanced CSS

The next step in CSS: layout, animation, media-specific styles, & more.

Responsive Web Design for Designers

A course for designers who want to design responsive websites that will use Bootstrap.

Web Design

Presentations from a course Jans & I gave on Web Design.

Operating Systems

macOS (formerly Mac OS X), Linux, and Windows.

Various & Sundry

One-offs that I’ve used with various organizations.

Archived Presentations

In other words, old, outdated, or no longer given. But they’re here because they still contain some useful info.

Creative Commons License

Simple conditions for using my work.
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