DTDs are central to building websites. Here's what you need to know.

Character Encoding

You have to select the proper character encoding when building websites.

Formatting & Indenting Your HTML

Some tips for making your HTML as clean, readable, & pretty as possible.

Block-Level & Inline HTML Elements

An important way to categorize HTML.

HTML/CSS Test Page

Copy this page and use it to test CSS.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Convert Excel to Tables

Excel to Dreamweaver to HTML.

CSS Tips & Tricks

A few CSS tricks up my sleeve.

Markdown Notes & Programs

Markdown introduction, syntax, and programs.

HTML/CSS Style Guide for Students

How you should format your code.


HTML5 tips, tricks, & thoughts.

Birth Year Select List

A handy select list for birth years.

Configuring & Using Emmet

Emmet is a powerful tool for the Web developer, but configuring & using it can sometimes be confusing, so here are some instructions.
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