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    Regular Columns

    Manage Your Photos with Kflickr
    Linux Magazine (February 2008): 8-9
    “Kflickr is the best app available on any operating system for uploading photographs to Flickr. Linux apps to the rescue!”

    Sweeten your Vim with Cream
    Linux Magazine (December 2007): 12-13
    “Cream is useful not just for text editor newbies, but for old hands as well.”

    Cool APT Repositories
    Linux Magazine (November 2007): 8, 10-11
    “The sources-list that comes with your distro is probably fine for most people, but if you're more adventurous, you need to add other repositories to your sources.list.”

    Music on the Command-Line
    Linux Magazine (September 2007): 10
    “If you don't need a GUI, and you want the ultimate in speed and stability, then you need a music player built for the command-line.”

    Comprehensive Desktop Backup
    Linux Magazine (August 2007): 14
    “Hardware and software needed for a comprehensive backup of all of my music, movies, data, and more.”

    Open Anywhere!
    Linux Magazine (July 2007): 10
    “Carry your web browser, email program, and office suite anywhere with PortableApps.”

    In the Cockpit of JetS3t
    Linux Magazine (June 2007): 10
    “Use Cockpit and Synchronize to back up your data onto Amazon's S3.”

    The Best Web Page Editor, Ever
    Linux Magazine (May 2007): 10
    “A look at the awesome features found in Quanta+.”

    Write a Screenplay with Celtx
    Linux Magazine (March 2007): 8
    “Every budding screenwriter should check out Celtx, designed for writing scripts.”

    SSH, SFTP, and VNC with UniTTY
    Linux Magazine (February 2007): 10
    “A better way to SSH. And SFTP. And VNC!”

    Author XML with XXE
    Linux Magazine (December 2006): xx
    “Explore a powerful XML editor that runs natively on Linux.”

    Keeping Up with Gregarius
    Linux Magazine (November 2006): 10
    “Gregarius, the best Web-based, open source RSS feed reader.”

    Pretty Fonts Are Possible
    Linux Magazine (October 2006): 10
    “Make your fonts go pop!”

    See Jungle! Go Ape Crazy!
    Linux Magazine (September 2006): xx
    “Fast! Cheap! Easy! Store files online with Jungle Disk.”

    Collaborate With Gobby
    Linux Magazine (August 2006): 10
    “Work together on documents over a network with Gobby.”

    View Comics with Comix
    Linux Magazine (July 2006): 12
    “Pow! Bam! Keraanng! If you’re a Linux- and comic book-lovin’ nerd, check out Comix, a GNOME application that makes reading digital editions of comic books on your Linux box fun and easy.”

    An Easier Way to Set ACLs
    Linux Magazine (June 2006): 10
    “To grant specific rights to more than one user, you need access control lists, or ACLs, and Eiciel is a graphical ACL editor.”

    A Very SoundConverter
    Linux Magazine (May 2006): 10
    “Listen up! Need to convert MP3 to OGG, FLAC to MP3, WAV to FLAC, and more? Try the aptly-named SoundConverter.”

    Fight File System Bloat with Baobab
    Linux Magazine (March 2006): 12
    “Baobab is a nice graphical tool that represents disk space usage.”

    Map Your Mind With FreeMind
    Linux Magazine (February 2006): 12
    “Flock is a new browser based on Firefox that incorporates all of the cool social software that’s appeared over the last few years.”

    Flock: Firefox with integrated social software
    Linux Magazine (January 2006): 14
    “Flock to a fascinating new browser.”

    Family Trees with GRAMPS
    Linux Magazine (December 2005): 10
    “Who’s in your family tree? GRAMPS, a great piece of Linux software—and a model web site—can help you discover who you are.”

    Linux Magazine (November 2005): 8
    “Project planning Penguinistas should take a look at GanttProject.”

    Image Management with F-Spot
    Linux Magazine (October 2005): 12
    “F-spot isn’t a bad program—it’s just young.”

    ClamAV: Anti-Virus for Linux
    Linux Magazine (September 2005): 16
    “If you want to protect your Linux server or desktop from viruses, give ClamAV a look.”

    Hide in Plain Sight
    Linux Magazine (July 2005): 10
    “Hide messages with simple steganography tools.”

    klik: True Click-and-Run Software
    Linux Magazine (June 2005): 12
    “Install software safely and easily… with just one klik!”

    Azureus: A Better Way to BitTorrent
    Linux Magazine (April 2005): 16
    “Azureus is the way to go online if you’re searching for torrents.”

    Create Web Pages with Nvu
    Linux Magazine (15 March 2005)
    “The Nvu web authoring system promises a lot, but falls short.”

    Say Hello to Skype
    Linux Magazine (February 2005)
    “Make free (or really, really cheap) phone calls over the Internet.”

    Exposé for Linux
    Linux Magazine (January 2005): 16
    “Instantly see a small screenshot of every open window.”

    Rip, Convert, Listen: The Sequel
    Linux Magazine (December 2004): 16
    “A further look at KRename and EastTAG.”

    Rip, Convert, Listen
    Linux Magazine (November 2004): 22
    “If you don’t know how to convert CDs into audio files on Linux, this column is for you.”

    Konserve: Backup Made Easy
    Linux Magazine (October 2004): 22
    “Make backups so easy, so automatic, that you’ll probably forget all about it.”

    Helix Player & RealPlayer
    Linux Magazine (September 2004): 22
    “Real’s open source code has actually turned into a nice piece of software.”


    Review: Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon takes on Mac OS X Leopard for the OS of the Year
    Linux Magazine (January 2008): 10-11, 50-53
    “Scott Granneman referees a technological cage match between Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) and Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).”

    Vista Outsmarts Linux Linux Magazine (April 2007): 28-31, 52
    “Here are ten features that make Vista better than Linux.”

    Ubuntu Linux
    Linux Magazine (February 2007): 32-35
    “In two short years, Ubuntu has quickly become the Linux distribution to beat.”
    [URL available soon]

    A Very Apropos apt
    Linux Magazine (October 2003): 24-28
    “If you use an RPM-based Linux distribution, you’ve probably had to deal with dependencies … There has to be a better way to upgrade Linux software! And there is: it’s called apt.”

    Unpublished Articles

    Libranet 2.8.1 Review
    A review I wrote for Linux Magazine in March 2004.

    WebSanity Top Secret