Things to Investigate, Suggested by Barzun's From Dawn To Decadence

Things to investigate, suggested by Jacques Barzun's From Dawn To Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life: 1500 to the Present.

Albigenses … heretics exterminated in France.

Luther's Table Talk, edited by Preserved Smith.

Arminius: redemption was for all souls … predesination is conditional, not absolute.

Montaigne's Diary of 1580-81

Rupert Croft-Cooke's Through Spain with Don Quixote

Samuel Eliot Morison's Christopher Columbus, Mariner

discovery of silver at Potosi (upper Peru, now Bolivia) in 1545

Anonymous' La Vida de Lazarillo de Tormes (trans. by W. S. Merwin)

history of surnames: James Pennethorne Hughes' Is Thy Name Wart?

Fracastoro's epic about syphillis: Syphilus

Utopians: Thomas More's Utopia, Tommaso Campanella's The City of the Sun, and Francis Bacon's The New Atlantis

Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time

Charles Ross' Richard III

4 great Italian Renaissance epics: 1 Boiardo's Orlando In Love 2 Pulci's Morgan the Great 3 Ariosto's Orlando Furioso 4 Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered

Camoens' Lusiads … hero is Vasco de Gama (Leonard Bacon's verse trans.)

Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia

Claudio Monteverdi, founder of opera

great operas: Monteverdi's Poppea, Rameau's Indes Galantes, Handel's Xerxes, Gluck's two Iphigeneias, Mozarts', Beethoven's Fidelio, Spontini's Vestale, Weber's Freyschutz, Berlioz's Les Troyens, Rossini's Comte Ory, Wagner's Tristan, Verdi's Otello, Moussorgsky's Boris Godunov, Chabrier's Gwendolyn, Benjamin Britten's Billy Budd

Anna von Schurman, the most learned woman of her time

F. Sherwood Taylor's The Alchemists

Cardano … geology & mathematics … predicted date of his own death

Robert Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy

invention of the middle ages: (a) Nathan Edelman, 'Early uses of medium aevum, moyen age, middle ages.' Romanic Review, Fall 1998, pp. 327, and (b) George Gordon, 'Medium Aevum and Middle Age.' Society for Pure English, Tract 19, 1925.

medieval folks were NOT afraid that the world would end in 1000 CE: George L. Burr, 'The Year 1000 and the Antecedents of the Crusades.' American Historical Review, April 1901, pp. 429 ff.

John H. Mundy and Peter Riesenberg's The Medieval Town

David S. Landes' A Revolution in Time

Norman Cantor's Medieval Lives

English Civil War … at Leicester, Royalists led a massacre … at Naseby, Puritans slaughtered camp followers in revenge

William Haller's The Rise of Puritanism: The Way to the New Jerusalem

Athenais de Mortemart, Marquise de Montespan … mistress to Louis XIV … black mass by priest Guibourg to assure she would be in the king's favor

Fenelon's Letter to Louis XIV and Dialogues of the Dead

Cartouche the thief

Jonathan Wild the thief, written about in novels by Fielding and Defoe

Orffyreus Wheel, invented by Johann Bessler

Vauban, builder of fortresses

Defoe's The Journal of the Plague Year and The Year of the Great Wind

Dr. Thomas Dover, aka Dr. Quicksilver, rescuer of Alexander Selkirk, the model for Robinson Crusoe

Charles Scribner III's Rubens

Racine's Phaedra, trans. by Robert Lowell

La Fontaine's fables, trans. by Howard Shapiro

Saint-Evremond's essays: On the Right Conduct of Life, Of Pleasures, Of Loves

La Rochefoucauld's Maxims or Moral Reflections

Pierre Bayle's Dictionary

Voltaire's A Portable Philosophic Dictionary (73 entries in totum)

Bishop Berkeley's Commonplace Book

Voltaire's 'The Lisbon Earthquake', trans. by Anthony Hecht

Klinger's play, Sturm und Drang

Royall Tyler's play, The Contrast

Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto

Matthew Gregory Lewis (AKA Monk Lewis): Ambrosio, AKA The Monk

Winckelmann was the victim of a homosexual murderer

Count Cagliostro, performer of miraculous cures

Peter Paret's Understanding War

Charles Downer Hazen's The French Revolution

Albert Goodwin's The French Revolution

Simon Schama's Citizens

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg's 16 notebooks

Christopher Herold's Bonaparte in Egypt

Restif de la Bretonne's Paris Nights

Vidocq's (criminal then policeman) The Memoirs (Bohn, 1854)

Germaine de Stael

premiere of Victor Hugo's play Hernani overthrew the rules of language on the stage

Norman Longmate's King Cholera

Harold Nicolson's Good Behavior: Being a Study of Certain Types of Civility

Hazlitt's Winterslow, ed. by W. C. Hazlitt

Hazlitt's The Liber Amoris

Hazlitt's The Spirit of the Times

Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America

Gustave de Beaumont's essays on America, found in his novel, Marie

De Quincey's essay, 'The English Mail Coach'

Flaubert's Dictionary of Accepted Ideas

L. T. C. Rolt's The Railway Revolution

Carroll L. V. Meeks' The Railroad Station

Raymond Postgate's 1848: The Story of a Year

Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management (1861)

Bakunin the anarchist

Flaubert's Sentimental Education, trans. Perdita Burlingame

Roger L. Williams' The Horror of Life (about Baudelaire)

Thomas Love Peacock's Nightmare Abbey

G. M. Young's Victorian England: Portrait of an Age

Steven Marcus' The Other Victorians: A Study of Sexuality and Pornography

Jacques Barzun's Race: A Study in Superstition

Henry George's 'Progress and Poverty'

Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War

Nellie Bly (Elisabeth Seaman) around the world in 80 days

The disappearance of the Mary Celeste

Floyd Clymer's Scrapbook of Early Advertising Art

Steffan Linder's The Harried Leisure Class

George du Maurier's Trilby (origin of the character Svengali)

Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi (King Ubu)

Mallarme's 'Brise Marine' ('Sea Breeze')

Anatole France's Penguin Island

Michael Goodwin's Nineteenth-Century Opinion

Wm. James' Principles of Psychology

George Allen Morgan's What Nietzsche Means

John Philip Sousa's marches

G. Lowes Dickinson's A Modern Symposium: Basic Political Viewpoints Debated

Homer Lea, an American hunchback who was a general in the Chinese army

Shaw's Common Sense About the War

Calvin Tomkins' The World of Marcel Duchamp

Raymond Loewy's Industrial Design

Catalogue of Crime, ed. by Jacques Barzun and W. H. Taylor

Dorothy Sayers' The Mind of the Maker

James Agate's Ego (diary in 9 volumes), esp. The Later Ego (combines vol's. 8 & 9)

Philip K. Howard's The Death of Common Sense

Lawrence Cremin's The Transformation of the School

Humphrey Jennings' Pandemonium

Christopher J. Herold's Bonaparte in Egypt

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