Thursday, 15 August 2002

After a refreshing night sleeping in Katie's apartment, we woke up, showered, and headed out for brunch. Katie took us to Irving's, a New York City landmark amongst delis. It was great, with good prices and HUUUUGE portions. I got the veggie reuben, while Denise got corned beef. The corned beef sandwich was as big as her head. I'm not kidding!

After brunch, we walked around a bit with Katie before finally saying our goodbyes.


We were late once again for the LIRR, so we sat around and read. Finally we got on the train and headed back to Long Island, Gus' house, and our van. Thank you, Gus, for letting us stay at your house!


After packing everything up, we headed for Boston and Denise's friend Hilde and her boyfriend Barry. The drive up took a while, and we of course got lost in Boston. I have to say, I've driven in a lot of cities, including NYC, and Boston is the worst. Evidently, people who actually live in Boston don't need freakin' street signs, since they have all the streets freakin' memorized. So you'll be driving down a street with instructions to turn right on Higgenbotham Lane, and NOWHERE will there be a street sign telling you that you are crossing Higgenbotham Lane right now. It's awful. So we had to call Barry, and he eventually got us to Hilde's house.

By that point, Denise and I were cranky and bitching at each other. Yuck.

We got inside and saw their very nice apartment. Hilde is getting her masters in educational technology from Harvard. They have two large, friendly dogs and a cable modem connection. We stayed up talking and had a great time. What cool people. And I got to create mp3s from their Django Reinhardt and Chet Atkins CDs. Take that, RIAA.

They pulled out their hide-a-bed (Gad but I hate moving those for people!) and we went to sleep.

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