Saturday, 24 August 2002

We woke up a little after 8 am, showered, and had breakfast downstairs with the whole Bearce clan. Damn, but that baby is cute! I have never seen an infant that smiles that much and seems so happy. Caroline was her usual excited self, entertaining us all with songs she made up on the spot, such as this one, sung to a melody known only to her:

I am sitting
Next to Evvy,
And we can touch
Each other!

Of course, coming from a 3-year-old, it sounds more like this:

I m sittin
Net to Evvy,
An wecan touch
Each otheh!

I showed David and Dana pictures of our trip on my laptop, and then we had to leave in order to make the wedding in Indianapolis tonight.

We left by 10:15 am, and now its 2:00 pm and we're in Ohio. We're making good time, and we should be there no problem.

Here's a conversation we just had.

Scott: I want a pickup truck.

Denise: And you need a truck for urban living why?

Scott: (Long pause) To haul stuff.

Denise: And what are you going to haul?

Scott: (Long pause) Stuff. I'll find things to haul!

Denise: Uh-huh.

Lost that one too. When Denise says 'Uh-huh', it's as good as over.

I do need to state that Denise drove the whole way so that I could work on this journal. She was amazing that way.

Along the way, we called Denise's sister, who has been keeping Libby. She informed us that she has decided that Libby is not a dog—she's a person. Well, heck, we already knew that. Libby especially enjoys running down the slide in their back yard and swinging on the swingset with Sharon. Clearly, Sharon has lost it. Actually, we're not surprised. Libby has that effect on people. She's just a great dog.

We found the hotel in Indianapolis where the wedding of Denise's friend Karen Dill was going to occur. Rooms there were over $100. Uh, thanks but no thanks. Hello, Comfort Inn! We couldn't find a Comfort Inn, so we ended up staying at Belmont Inn, which actually looked pretty nice. And it was only $57 after Denise talked the desk clerk down!

We hung out a bit, changed, and went to the wedding. It was very nice … I've always liked Jewish weddings. Still, ours was better. :) Doesn't everyone feel this way?

The dinner was great, although I had to sit next to an incredibly obnoxious woman and her very nice husband. Ah well. That's wedddings for you. Just look back to my comments on dinners with people you'll only see once. That applies to weddings in spades.

This one woman at the wedding had the largest diamond ring on that Denise and I had ever seen. In addition to the rock, she had on a very expensive diamond bracelet. It's funny, but I was instantly turned off by this woman due to her ostentatious display. I saw it, and I thought, 'Blech. You're not a person I would like.'

The band was your typical wedding band. The Jewish dancing was fun, and it was cool to see the bride and groom hoisted up on chairs. Wish we'd done that. Except that everyone would have rushed over to lift Denise, leaving two people or so to bear my weight!

We left the wedding a little after 11 pm and headed back to our room. Saturday Night Live was on, so we watched that and read before finally falling asleep.

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