Great Musical Moments

Allman Brothers: "Blue Sky"

One of the greatest guitar solos ever, this ur-jam-band tune seems to roll on and on, relaxed and sure of itself, perfectly illustrating the lyrics and the scene of the song: a walk along a country road, the sun out, the birds singing, and all right with the world.

Bach: 5th Brandenburg Concerto (BWV 1050), 1st movement (Allegro)

The harpsichord builds and builds after an immensely long, involved, sinuous solo … there's the briefest pause … and the violins enter with the main melody to finish the piece. Rarely is anticipation so expertly constructured and so perfectly rewarded.

Talking Heads: "Once in a Lifetime"

A prime example of nervous white-folk funk, but it's really the buzzsaw grinding guitar that finally sneaks in during the last 45 seconds or so that makes the song.

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