Anniversary I

Look where we are! Strange, new, unplanned—we sail
On river waters, guided by the flow,
Fast, now smooth, now wild—to what port? Unknown.
On the bank, splashes of color assail
Our senses: trees, flowers, grass, … ahhh! Inhale,
Look, listen. Our excitement starts to grow
As we approach our journey's end, over so
Soon. This river is tricky, but we prevail.

Not a river—a room, surrounded by friends,
Family, loved ones, all faces turned our way;
A river bank to support us, as we wend
Down the aisle. Man meets wife—proper, some say.
But not separate, not us, not on this day.
Hand in hand—together—we reach the end.

This was written for my wife Denise, for our first anniversary, 29 June 2001.

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