The Ever Journey

Written by my brother when he was very, very young. Oh, we mocked him about this one. Personally, I always thought it sounded like lyrics from a song by Rush!

Desperate for what it might find,
It left the Dark Places behind.

Bleeding with each step,
It continued with out regret.

Searching for what, it did not know,
Yet still, it had a sense where to go.

It had to forget all that had transpired,
Or on that only would its mind be mired.

No time did it have to rest,
Ahead was the end of the quest.

The trip had been long and laden with many traps,
It had nothing to follow, no guides, no maps.

But now he was finally there,
To the place not many others know where.

It was a frivolous realm it had found,
Toward it, it shambled without sound.

The end it knew was very near,
But for this it did not fear.

It worried for all the ones it knew would follow,
Could they make it with their skulls empty and their hearts hollow?

But of these he could not dwell or worry,
For itself—its fate was set—on to—eternity.

There is a meaning in all this somewhere, I think,
Perhaps it is, that all men are like this missing link.

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