May 2014 Exploring HTML & CSS Syllabus

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    HTML: The Absolute Basics

    Background. Browsers & rendering engines. DTDs. Character encoding. Comments. Templates.

    HTML 4.01:
 Elements, Attributes, Entities

    91 elements. Lots of attributes. Character entities.

 This Title Is DarkOliveGreen

    HTML 4.01, without CSS. Ugh!

    Understanding URLs & Addressing

    Default folder structure. Default index files. Absolute & relative. URLs. Links.

    Assignment: Stooges

    Practice links pages & images.


    Removed elements & attributes. New elements. Microformats. Problems & solutions.

    Assignment: Planning
 HTML5 Documents

    Thinking about how to think about HTML5 documents.

    Markdown: My Dirty Little
 Web Development Secret

    Background. Basic syntax. Process. Forks. Tests. Software. Integrating Markdown.

    Cascading Style Sheets: An Introduction & Overview

    History. Why CSS? Basic selectors. <span> & <div>. Integrating CSS. Importance. Inheritance. Cascading. Tools.

 This Title Is DarkOliveGreen + CSS

    CSS: Fonts & Formatting

    Assignment: Boor-ing Email

    Forms: Collecting Information
 in a Usable Way

    Assignment: Facebook Forms

    WebSanity Top Secret