Privacy Policy

Overall Policy

Privacy is of great concern to Granneman Information Solutions. We try to extend to our Web site visitors the same level of privacy that we demand from other Web sites.

We will not sell, trade, exchange or otherwise make available any personally identifiable information to any other company or organization not directly affiliated with Granneman Information Solutions.

WebTrends Live & Traffic Analysis

Granneman Information Solutions usesWebTrends Liveto analyze traffic to this Web site. WebTrends Live does not create individual profiles for visitors. Unlike some tracking services, WebTrends Live does not have a database of individual profiles for each visitor. WebTrends Live only collects aggregate data. You can read more information about theWebTrends Live privacy policyif you'd like.

GranneNotes, Yahoo Groups, & Email

Granneman Information Solutions encourages visitors to sign up forGranneNotes, our irregularly published email newsletter containing fresh and interesting news, tips, tricks, information, and more about computers and the Internet. We also encourage visitors interested in Web development to sign up forGranneDev, our listserv for Web developers. GranneNotes and GranneDev are managed using Yahoo Groups, a free service owned by Yahoo! TheYahoo Groups privacy policyis available for your inspection.

Granneman Information Solutions will never sell your email address or share it with anyone else not directly affiliated with Granneman Information Solutions.


Granneman Information Solutions uses cookies on this Web site, but only in relation to WebTrends Live or if you choose to log in to participate in discussions. The cookie that our site assigns to you expires when you log out. We do not track individual users.

Links To Other Sites

The Granneman Information Solutions Web site contains links to other Web sites & Internet resources. Granneman Information Solutions is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these other Web sites & Internet resources.

Questions & Concerns

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