Fall 2006 Courses Taught by Scott Granneman

Technology in Our Changing Society

We are said to live in an information society and work in an information economy, but what does that mean? If we have indeed experienced a "paradigm shift" in what information means to society, then how do we adapt to these changes and what do they mean for the traditional ways society functions? This course examines how we think about, communicate, and use information in a variety of contexts, including political, financial, historical, ethical, organizational, educational, and technological. Guest lecturers from business, engineering, humanities, and social sciences provide these perspectives.

Th 7:45–9:45 pm, 31 August–21 December 2006

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Using Everyday Technology

This course provides an overview of key computer technologies that are useful in business and at home. Topics covered include computers, the Internet, networking, digital music, security, operating systems, Web browsers, e-mail, DNS, MP3, HTTP, Linux, Firefox, and BitTorrent. Additionally, we learn more creative and efficient ways of using standard office applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to improve work performance.

Tues 5:30–7:30 pm, 5 Sept.–19 December 2006

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Web Site Design and Development

This course covers Web site development using the three methods that have been used since Web design first began: hand-coding HTML using a text editor; building Web pages using a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver; and using the most modern method, a Content Management System that separates design from content while making it easy for nontechnical users to update a site. We cover design principles, Cascading Style Sheets, server-side vs. client-side technologies, Web browsers, and Web servers. We conclude the course with a brief overview of the future of Web development: XHTML and XML.

Sat. 9 am–noon, 2 Sept.–16 Dec. 2006

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