HTML to CSS to Responsive Web Design Student Evaluations

Remember, this is a 5-day intensive course, team-taught by Jans Carton & me!

November 2015

“I really enjoyed how they both interacted with the class as a tag team, sharing information from their individual strengths.”

“The duo instructor format was very good for the class. In addition to being able to refer to both instructors’ knowledge, the lecture comes off more as a conversation and is easier to pay attention to.”

Boeing, Summer 2014

“I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn much more about Responsive web design. The instructors really know a lot about the subject and really did a great job conveying it. This was my first time taking a course that had two instructors and I really liked it. Scott and Jans really complimented each other very well and they were able to bring a lot of real life examples to our class. I would love to take more course[s] that are setup like this in the future. Great job…”

“Very good classes with lots of useful information.”

“Both instructors were clearly experts in the field. I felt that having two instructors added value to the course and kept the presentations more interesting.”

“Having two instructors enabled us to learn from two perspectives at the same time.”

“Scott and Jans each have their own areas of expertise, so I appreciated the team teaching.”

“I strongly agree and loved the team approach. Each instructor had different aspects to discuss (one being more technical and the other more real-life experiences). Enjoyed the class very much!”

“There was definitely an advantage to having two excellent professors. The two different presentation styles kept me more engaged and interested.”

“Team teaching this course worked very well.”

Boeing, Spring 2014

“This was probably the best overview course I’ve taken in 20+ years at Boeing.”

“Thank you! This was one of the best classes I’ve ever attended. It was great having two instructors teach this class. Scott and Jans make a great team.”

“It was refreshing to take a class from instructors that know how to teach, have a sense of humor, and enjoy what they do. Much of the training we endure is bland, canned and exhausting. It was a novel experience to walk out of class feeling energized, intrigued and looking forward to the next day’s lesson. I really liked the way the slide information was organized. I think you did a good job of keeping the class on task and organized. Best of all you were approachable and willing to share what you know whether it was directly related to the topic under discussion or not. … Oh there was a whole list of surprises starting with the course was fun, relevant, well taught, creative and ending with there is someone else out there who actually ‘gets it’ about fonts although we will have to agree to disagree about ever using Comic Sans. A discussion around the Golden Ratio doesn’t come up too often at an engineering firm either. I have a BA in English Lit so the way this class melded art and tech together was really interesting. Thanks for the exposure to a whole new world of possibilities and chance to think creatively.”

“These two really know the material. They did a great job teaching together.”

“Very good class. They are a great team. They work well together and have a good subject expertise together.”

“The class was very informative. Instructors were very knowledgable and presented the course material in an interesting fashion.”

“Excellent teamwork between the two instructors.”

“[Your teaching was] Excellent; it held my interest the entire time. Informative as well as entertaining, which pretty much guaranteed that it would hold my interest.”

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