Practical Security Student Evaluations

Evaluations by students in Practical Security.

Spring 2009

"Entertaining and confident. I learned a lot. … I used these computer classes to better my chances of getting into grad school and it worked! Thanks! … Good class!"

"All of the material was very informative. … The teaching was awesome!!!! … You are definitely aware of what you are teaching and knowledgeable of your material. …; Keep up the good work and thanks for the wealth of knowledge that you brought to the class."

"Class was interesting and entertaining … The class website was awesome and convenient. … Great! Very conversational and informal, which makes everyone feel comfortable talking and sharing very quickly. … It was so interesting! Security can be cool and fun. And nefarious! … I will absolutely suggest this class to my friends."

"Great! I love you Scott! … I will definitely keep in touch 'cause you have a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for a great semester."

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