Student Evaluations for From Blogs to Wikis: Building Community in a Virtual Environment

Following are comments by students who have taken From Blogs to Wikis: Building Community in a Virtual Environment.

Fall 2010

"I really liked the flow and the class format. It's a ton to cover and you left it open enough to fit schedules."

"Assignments were widely varied: South Park episodes to serious articles. This class was such a pleasure! … Awesome. … This was a great class—one of the most memorable courses I have ever taken. Thank you!"

Fall 2008

"You know the subject materials very well, one of the quailities of a good instructor."

"This was one class that I actually enjoyed doing the reading for."

"The LinkedIn tips were great! … Wikis are the best thing I learned in the class. I have already started using them regularly. … I really liked the hands-on approach, and the expectation that we would USE each of these sites or at least visit them and check them out. This is all meant to be used, and the coursework/professor encouraged that. … You are very knowledgeable. You are energetic, passionate, and encourage dialogue. I also really appreciate your use of multimedia, as this really made the class informative, fun, and the time flew by every night because it was so interesting. That is all due to a strong teacher who knows HOW to teach effectively. THANK YOU!"

"I felt like I was exposed to whole new worlds."

"I learned more about Facebook & I thought I was kind of savvy."

Summer 2007

"Really interesting things I never knew about. … Very clear, concise, & interesting."

"… always wiling to answer questions and go the extra mile to find the anwer."

"You do an excellent—stupendous—thorough job of breaking it down and helping us digest technology. You obviously know so much but you aren't pretentious. … Thanks for being the best professor I've had at WU. You really teach/instruct the class and allow for individuation."

"Thank you for being such a great professor. I will recommend your class."

Fall 2006

"Fun. Engaging. Thorough. Again—good readings. You definitely made me exercise my brain."

"I very much appreciate that I can add to a conversation or at least follow on in regard to the new technologies. I think it is very important to know something … about these innovations were are going to be common sooner than we think. … I like the exchange we have in your classes. It gives everyone an opportunity to see others' persepectives."

"Interesting, informative. I lived the informality; it seemed an effective way to build community in a very diverse group."

"Your teaching was excellent as always. Informative, low pressure, & stimulating. I felt like I learned something & enjoyed doing it."

"Every aspect of the class was interesting. … You made class interesting. It was a fast 2 hours. … I loved the class and would take another class that you might teach. I already recommend your classes to other students who are considering what to take."

"I think you did a very good job for such a wide range of interests and experiences. You were patient with the novices but you didn't dumb anything down. Yet you kept the more advanced students engaged."

"… you get an A for enthusiasm."

"I like your openmindedness & sense of humor. … Great, fast-paced, informative, interesting, & entertaining. Kept me interested & involved. … I'm using programs regularly I wasn't before & plan on continuing:, FreeMind, blogs, Firefox …"

Summer 2006

"It was all quite new for me, but now I find that much of what we have discussed in class has become a part of my life. I love it! And I feel revitalized!"

"Excellent. I appreciate how passionate you are about what you do. Your excitement makes the class more interesting. I also like how you reach out to those who haven't been as exposed to the material. Very thoughtful."

"Excellent. I think you are very intelligent and knowledgable. Although you are laid back, you kept the class and topics interesting."

"Excellent. You have a very extensive knowledge and you are dedicated."

"Even the stuff I was already acquainted with was presented in a new light."

"I think you're the best! Please teach all of my classes from now on!"

"This class was comprehensive, relevant and always fun. It's the only class that I've said, 'Woo! Class!'"

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