Technology & the Law Student Evaluations

Comments from students who have taken Technology & the Law.

Spring 2009

"You kept things interesting and did a good job choosing topics that would keep our attentions … It was fun and interesting."

"It was great, I enjoyed both [teachers'] styles. … This class is great because it is discussion based and we get to think."

"I liked the discussion based format of the class. Most of the topics discussed were very interesting. … I did like the classroom discussion. I think it's good to have a class where the focus is on learning as opposed to writing down notes for a later test. This class teaches how to analyze and discuss—something which is often left out of other class. … I liked your teaching because it was focused on us, as a class, rather on what you knew. You were always willing to hear our ideas even in the middle of your lecture. … And in all honesty, more presentations from Scott. I found those to be well done and interesting. … Your dog is funny."

"What I found most interesting about this class was how connected these two fields [technology & law] really are. Obviously, the title of the class says something about their relationship, but the depth of their connection was interesting and surprising. … The teaching was excellent. It was a great combination of the law and technology that created the balance I was looking for in this class."

Spring 2008

"I thought that everything was interesting! … You complement each other well. I learned alot—and I appreciated the class because it taught me a lot about the society I live in."

"Excellent … I'm gonna miss you guys!"

"I loved how up-to-date [the articles] were. … There was a laid-back atmosphere that allowed for the free exchange of ideas, while still being productiev and educational. … I was surprised by the open environment this class allowed for—it made me enjoy learning & doing homework again (this is not an overstatement, trust me)."

"My level of paranoia increased for me tremendously! … I'm surprised how much my world-view has changed. The Internet has global legal implications which I never thought about before."

"The class website was amazing. There is a great balance between the law (Prof. Lieberman) and technology (Prof. Granneman)."

"Learning about all the intersting technologies that we never learn about in other classes. … Both teaching styles complement each other well."


"Scott was funny—talk more! … It was fun and I enjoyed coming every week. Also, the 2 hours went by fast."

Spring 2006

"Fantastic, good balance between order (Denise) & chaos (Scott)."

"[What did you find most interesting about the class?] Just how we looked at every topic from two perspectives, and then debated how they both interplay and which one is better or should prevail."

"Each week had a fascinating new topic that no one else I know is talking about … The amount of new information about fascinating topics blew me away. Could think about it for years. Also, I'm a little alarmed that I probably wouldn't have learned this information (presented in this way) anywhere else."

"The combintation of the law and technology worked very well. I especially enjoyed the debates on legal vs. moral issues."

"The discussions were some of the most interesting and broad that I've had in any class. … One of the most interesting and discussion-provoking classes I've ever taken."

"[What surprised you the most about this class?] How much I wanted to talk about this class outside of class—always something interesting to bring up at dinner."

"The articles were amazing. The structure of the lectures and the balance between explaining the legal basics and going into technical issues made the class extremely interesting. … The informal lecturing style was extremely productive and provoked discussion."

"You don't realize most of these issues exist until they've already become established ideas in society. This class aims to pre-emptively consider these issues BEFORE any determined understanding has developed. … It was a comfortable atmostphere that made making comments about the issues easy. … It's one of those classes that isn't just interesting but important because it's all relevant and all appropriate to how we live our lives daily."

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