Technology for Non-Technical Managers Student Evaluations

Evaluations by students in Technology for Managers.

Spring 2014

“Phenomenal teaching—passionate, organized, fastest 2 hours of my week.”

“You made the class very enjoyable but most important it was extremely informative … Hands down one of the funniest teachers I’ve ever had.”

“Great teaching, covered a wide range of topics and always had additional helpful information.”

Spring 2012

“This is the first time I felt very engaged in any course I have taken so far. This has been a great experience. I hope more students can benefit from your experience and great teaching.”

Spring 2011

“…you are well versed in the subject with strong opinions but deep knowledge. You also have a longer view of the industry and the technology than most.”

“You are always ready with the latest information, and you try to make everyone feel comfortable. Plus you aren’t a rigid asshole.”

“I was surprised about how informative the instructor is about computer technology.”

“I consider (or considered, prior to this class) myself a pretty technologically savvy person, but now I truly am. I learned a ton of new stuff that I will no doubt take with me and use in my everyday professional and personal life. This class also helped spur a couple of new business ideas that I make take action on! … I appreciate the informal and non-intimidating setting of your class. It spurs much more discussion and openness. I have some professors who treat students like they are in high school, and as a 27 year old man, this is very off-putting.”

“I’ve already applied lessons and advice on security, advice on what programs and apps work best for certain functions.”

“Very interactive, with an ideal amount of excitement and class engagement for some of the topics that were less exciting.”

“Superb. Casual, humorous, but extremely effective. I’ve learned a lot and it has been extremely useful.”

Fall 2009

“Very good. Able to talk on every level from very basic to very technical. Kept things interesting and interactive. … Covered a much greater array and in much more detail than I would have thought possible.”

“Great! Great energy! Knowledge—amazing! … Scott, you do a damn good job. … This class has totally Motivated Me!”

“Very well presented. I enjoyed listening to you as you casually presented the information.”

"Even as a techie, I realized I did not know in depth about a lot of things. I feel like the years of patchworking my knowledge over the Internet wascompletedwith updated data thanks to you. … You’re great. Love your sense of humor & anecdotes to make even the most boring topics bearable! … Amazing, talented, diverse classmates."

“Engaging, entertaining and thorough as always.”

“What was most interesting was the lack of a textbook. I enjoyed listening to real life experiences and absorbed more information. … Great and very engaging and very relaxing after eight hours at work. … I had no concept of computers or how they work. I’ve learned a lot of little things that will work to my advantage going forward.”

“Great! Presented a complicated subject in an easy to understand format.”

Spring 2009

“Very good lecture style, always engaging yet funny.”

“Excellent. I marvel that you can speak on these topics and keep my interest for two-and-a-half hours late in the evening, even when some of it is over my head.”


“Very good. I like the fact that were you succint and used stories/examples to delineate teaching points.”

“I have enjoyed your teaching, and plan to use what I have learned to help me out in the future.”

“I have taken more than one of your classes because I really enjoy your style. Classes are engaging, fun, and you present topics to us because you’re passionate about them and want us to learn.”

“I will most definitely apply many of the tools I learned in this class.”

“[You were] engaging and informative. … You communicated with us often via email, engaged us, and brought in speakers from various fields.”

“I like your lecture style. You’re interesting and personable.”

“Great! Very interesting & I learned a LOT. … Great class that served its purpose because I learned much useful stuff. Thanks!”

“Really enjoyed your class, Scott. Will definitely recommend you as an instructor to my fellow co-workers. … I do feel better prepared to discuss things in manager meetings outside my specific expertise.”

“Great class, good work!”

Spring 2008

“This class gave me the necessary tools to help me help myself to learn more about the technology that is changing our world. … Your teaching was very detailed and very easy to follow.”

“Your teaching is energetic. It must be good to hold my attention at 10 pm. Great class … and because this is anonymous let me say that you have a great reputation on campus, so please continue teaching!”

“It was helpful to have, as you did, guest speakers’ presentations put in content of everything we were learning. Your teaching was great—very exciting, interesting, and thorough.”

“Always interesting and entertaining.”

“You’re a great teacher because you explain things really well, and make difficult concepts easy to understand. Your analogies are perfect. Seriously, your passion for what you teach is obvious.”

Summer 2007

"It was great having a variety of perspectives. … You are an excellent instructor given the subject matter. Every class was funandinformative. … This was the best class I have taken at Wash U."

“Good. You kept it interesting; loose; let us guide the direction a bit. … I was able to go home and discuss some of these concepts with other non-tech folks and have them understand and be interested.”

“It was fantastic to have [guest speakers] who were very passionate and willing to share that passion with us. … Really great. I thought that this class was not intimidating, which it could have been …”

“Truly, the entire class was interesting. … Wonderful, extremely engaging and”non-nerd" understandable."

Spring 2007

“I loved this class. This class has simplified my life as well as my business.”

“It was great. You gave students enough attention and chance to speak; also you ask for and appreciate feedback.”

“I learned so much in an easy-going atmosphere. I enjoyed the tips Scott gave to use on our own computers. … Everything was interesting—EVEN the history of computers! … Loved your style. Very conducive to learning. … Great class! I’ll definitely take more of yours.”

“I loved having guest speakers. I never had as many guest speakers through my entire school. I think it broadens your horizons. It is very informational. I enjoyed and learned a lot through them. … I mean it, everything was so interesting … I couldn’t get enough information!”

“Informative, personable, detailed, available, funny, patient, respectful, supportive.”

Summer 2006

“The lectures that were delivered by the instructor were top-notch. Admittedly, I have terrible A.D.D. and I was scared to take an 8 hour class, but this fear was (very surprisingly) unwarranted. Great job!”

“I’ve taken classes taught by professionals and grad students—you’re the first of the”professionals" that has impressed me."

“It is good to have a professor who can provide practically applicable knowledge.”

“[The guest speakers] exceeded my expectations. Best speakers I’ve heard in a long, long time.”

“… theory mixed with practical and personally relevant knowledge.”

“Fantastic. Really impressed by how you burned through this material in a wonderfully effective way.”

“To have an instructor that knows the material as well as you do is one thing, but to get other [speakers] to come in and complement what you are saying is the best of both worlds.”

Summer 2005

“Great. Passionate, informed, fun.”

“You’re great—I keep on taking more of your classes. … The five days went by quickly and I wasn’t worn out.”


“Really fun and varied.”

Summer 2004

“… very dynamic style—passionate about subject matter. Open to other opinions.”

"You blew me away. I like the fact that you donotspeak in a monotone voice."

“I now know what’s what and so I can exercise choice in what I want to use. … You are a very dynamic teacher! … You did a fantastic job. Taking time out from presentations to go to the Internet and show us an example of what you are talking about is key!”

“For an intensive, 5 day course, you managed your time very well and gave interesting lectures/talks.”

“Awesome! You were great!”

“Teaching was excellent & spoke very well to our individual levels. Always found a way to make class interesting.”

Summer 2003

“The course covers the spectrum of computers and technology and presents a broad and easily understood overview of the subject for non-technical managers who wan to acquire enough IT knowledge to make appropriate IT decisions. … The instructors is an enthusiastic, interesting individual who presents the material clearly, and is very interested in the students ‘getting it’.”

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