Using Everyday Technology Student Evaluations

Evaluations by students in Using Everyday Technology.

Fall 2010

"A great deal of knowledge was shared. I wish I'd taken this a long time ago."

"Your lectures were always fun and interesting. I loved whenever you brought in props like the Mac mini & your new trackpad for your desktop! … Your teaching was fun, always clear, and to the point. I loved your slides! … I did not think at first that materials I learned from this class would be applicable to my life. But it totally improved the quality of my life. Thanks to you!"

"I like that you are passionate about what you do."

"Security: This was a true eye opener. Much needed information. … If I had to grade your teaching it would be A+. You made it very interesting. Made me want to know more."

"Wow, there are so many things I never knew until taking this class. … Awesome, exciting, fun. After a long day at the office I am always tired, but on Tuesday evenings that was never the case. Thank you for not being one of those boring ol' stuffed shirt professors!"

"A! You took the time to make sure we understood and gave us real life examples."

"You were very detailed, helpful, and gave a lot of information. Overall, you were great. Just long winded."

Fall 2008

"The readings were great. … I learned a lot because you were entertaining and kept my attention."

"Good, very open to questions…everything was presented clearly."

Fall 2007

"Funny and informative, as always."

"The Best! You are very personable—polite—funny—matter of fact—experienced—prepared—open—a great change to all the others. … Recommend this to EVERYONE! 100% Great Class!"

"Honestly, there wasn't a single class that didn't captivate me—everything was so very interesting. … Awesome. Very enlightening & educational. … You're a wonderful educator! … I thought I was pretty savvy before I started this class, but now I almost feel like a nerd. Every subject will be so useful to me."

"I like the way you teach. I learn a lot more in a relaxed atmosphere."

"Having fun made learning easier."

"You were helpful in this class, accessible and patient."

"Loud & funny."

"Excellent! I like the personal touch!"

"Great, organzied, & interesting! Learned so much! Thank you!"

"Creative, excellent examples, clever techniques."

And this is one of my all-time favorite student comments: in answer to the question, "What could I do better?", this student wrote, "Wear colors. No really, there's a whole rainbow out there. What's up with the black, green, gray, & putty colored clothes?"

Fall 2006

"[What did you find most interesting about the class?] Your pedagogic style. I think that it was very refreshing. Having a relaxed environment allowed me to learn more effectively."

"Everything was arranged from basic knowledge to more complex issues, and was organized well. … Terrific! I can't wait to take another class with you. You are awesome!"

"You are energetic, compassionate, and a lovable smartass. I would recommend you to my peers."

"You rock! Thanks Scott for everything I've learned! I've really enjoyed it."

"Excellent. Incredible fund of knowledge."

"Excellent. You have a very commanding knowledge of every topic you covered and I learned a great deal."

"I liked that it was very comprehensive … Wonderful! I really do not find technology to be a particularly interesting subject, but you make me like it and kept me interested every week."

"I enjoyed your teaching very much. You made it interesting and fun."

"I would like to take the whole class over because I feel I am on the second step of a long staircase. The beauty of your classes is that everyone progresses up from whatever level of knowledge they have at the beginning of the course."

"This was very informative and I am able to communicate and understand the computer. I'm not intimidated anymore. … Interesting and enthusiastic."

"I enjoyed the way you used simple analogies to explain complex material. It was also great when you brought things to class, like a motherboard, and we got to hold it and see how it works. … Ireallyenjoyed your enthusiasm & sense of humor. It made the material come to life."

"Well laid-out slides. Knowledgeable about the topics and a good presenter. "

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