Web Design and Development Evaluation

We covered the following broad topics this term:

We also traced the broad path of Web design:

  1. Hand-coding HTML with a text editor
  2. Using a WYSIWYG HTML editor to layout, design, & maintain a Web site
  3. Cascading Style Sheets for formatting & positioning
  4. Using a Content Management System to create & maintain the Web site while separating content & design

With these thoughts in mind, please answer the following questions:

  1. What did you find most interesting about the class?
  2. What did you find least interesting?
  3. What would you like to have studied more?
  4. Did you like the books I mentioned?
  5. Did my Web site help you?
  6. Did GranneClass, the listserv, help you?
  7. How was my teaching?
  8. What could I do better?
  9. What surprised you the most about this class? About the subject?
  10. What are your plans after this class? (Are you going to try to make this a career? Are you going to learn JavaScript? Are you going to learn about graphics? Are you going to forget that all this ever happened?)
  11. Would you be interested in a class called "Advanced Web Design" that covered content management systems & XML in depth? Any other things we studied that you'd like to extend into a class or a portion of a more in-depth class?
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