Website Design & Development Student Evaluations

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    Evaluations by students in Web Design & Development (Fall) and Advanced Web Design & Development (Spring), with a few from the course on Web Development I used to teach a Flo Valley Community College a long time ago.

    Fall 2017

    “The instructor was great. It was nice to have a course that taught a specific skill that would be useful to nearly everyone.”

    “Scott made the lectures interesting and interactive.”

    “The instructor. He's extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond in giving additional tips and tricks and making sure that each student understands everything before moving on. He also has a great sense of humor and makes the class a lot of fun.”

    “The instructor's enthusiasm and humor helped to make an intimidating subject matter a reachable and fun goal.”

    “Thank you for making Saturday mornings fun!”

    “Not being a morning person, I was initially worried about the 9am class time on a Saturday morning, but your sense of humor, engagement with students, and relatable manner with which you approached the subject matter changed the early morning scenario into a very positive one for me.”

    Fall 2014

    “When I've looked at code in the past, it was like total gibberish. Now, although I am not an expert, I have a basic understanding of what I’m seeing. … Engaging. Clearly, enhancing computer literacy is your passion. It reflected in the lectures you did give.”

    “I found the method of watching the videos and then doing the work as a group in class a refreshing approach. I felt it definitely engaged the class in better discussions and helped me personally learn the material better. I can't think of anything [that could be improved], it was probably the first class I’ve taken where everyone participated as a group and I felt comfortable asking questions and contributing. I think that says a lot about the instructor.”

    “Really good. I could probably write a lot on this subject so I’ll just keep it simple and say you’re probably one of my favorite teachers. I feel comfortable learning from you, yet at the same time challenged. I like how you will not hesitate to stop what you’re doing and teach us something. It’s a very relaxed learning environment which is so much more beneficial to the learning process then loading us up with assignments. To be clear, I liked the structure of the class (videos and assignments at home, and re-do assignment in class). I learned a lot more about my computer in general in this class. Which has allowed me to in turn teach others.”

    “I thought everything was very interesting during the semester. What I liked the most was that everything built off of everything and that now I have a better understanding of how to build a web page. … EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!”

    Spring 2014

    “Great. You were entertaining and I was able to pick up things quickly. I also liked all the tips.”

    “It’s not often that passion for a topic comes through as clearly as it did in these classes. The delivery took some getting used to in the first weeks but was welcomed by semester 2. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a class before that was so engaging (I never had to use any my usual tricks for staying awake).”

    Fall 2013

    “I liked your teaching because you took your time to help me understand some things that I did not understand. You refused to let me give up.”

    “You are a very passionate instructor. I enjoyed your sense of humor as well as the high level of energy you delivered. … It was refreshing to learn from someone who is excited about the course and loves what they do. I also appreciated your willingness to help outside of class time. Thank you for a great semester!”

    Spring 2013

    “I feel your enthusiasm. I can tell you like what you do.”

    Fall 2012

    “Everything was very helpful…seriously. This is one of the few classes I’ve taken in college where the information presented and the skills I learned were very relevant and applicable to my everyday life. … Your teaching style is great. Considering that most people might despise taking Saturday classes, you kept everyone engaged. Your sense of humor and personal stories helped it feel less like a class environment, and more like a casual morning with friends.”

    “Kudos to your knowledge, expertise, and dedication! Very few of my professors have been as passionate about course material as you have been the whole semester.”

    “Fantastic. All lectures were truly engaging and thought-provoking, and feedback on assignments was very helpful.”

    “You kept me laughing and interested. Your analogies were a hoot. This happens to be the most quiet and reserved group of people I have ever been in class with. If you were a boring instructor this semester would have been … well you get the picture.”

    “I’ll keep on using your website as reference and as a very helpful place to find detailed and well-thought of explanations for things we use and need everyday. Thanks for keeping this effort through the years. … It was a lot of fun, great stories, thorough explanations, good examples, always well-illustrated, based on fact or experience, knowledgeable, enthusiastic.”

    Spring 2012

    “You really engaged the class while we learned about a topic that has a tendency to be dry. You’re hilarious and exceedingly knowledgable, so it’s tough not to pay attention. I can’t tell you how many times I recommended this specific class to friends!”

    “Always engaging. It is obvious you enjoy teaching and have a lot of knowledge, interest and experience in the subject (and a lot of other subjects too).”

    “You’re very knowledgeable about this topic and I think you truly want to share all the information you have with all of us. I think you’re committed to each of us actually gaining something from your teaching.”

    “Now that I have taken two classes with you I can see you have an enthusiasm for teaching, and ensuring students leave with useful information, a desire to continue, and knowing where to locate the tools to accomplish a project.”

    Fall 2011

    “For a three hour class, it’s really interesting and that’s all your credit. … I like how you showed us web templates that you use for real clients, and that you also link us to other sites you and your business partners have worked on over the years. … I learned more things in your class than in my four years of college. … PLEASE DON’T REMOVE YOUR POWERPOINTS AND OTHER LINKS ON YOUR COURSE SYLLABUS. GOD THEY ARE HELPFUL. [Note from Scott: I never do.] … [M]y professor knew what he was talking about, and … he had years of professional work to back up what he said.”

    “Great at teaching and I’m surprised I learned so much in such a short amount of time. Made each lecture very fun because you are very enthusiastic and clearly know what you are doing.”

    “Very entertaining. You kept me awake on Saturday morning. You clearly have a passion for this topic and that makes me excited to learn more. You were always willing to stay after class and help individually and that was appreciated.”

    “Your teaching was good. You explained things well and drew examples that could be easily understood. You also seem to be concerned that the person/class understands what you were conveying and took the time to get the point across. Your humor helps to keep the class interesting and your enthusiasm for the subject matter comes through.”

    “Engaging, interesting and entertaining. I feel like I learned a lot and it all unfolded in a logical progression. I like knowing they whys and not just the whats and I feel like the content not just cut & dried but fleshed out.”

    “I was surprised that we covered every aspect needed to successfully accomplish a project in class. I could later refer to my notes from that week’s class, or class a couple of weeks before, and the information was there. It helped me to understand the concepts better. I would have "aha!" moments on Wednesday, when my project would finally come together.”

    “Your Web site supplied many helpful and useful tools that I utilized throughout the semester when coding assignments and looking up terminology. The link I utilized the most when coding was the Web Site Design and Development Key Links. It housed all that I needed when looking up examples of coding… I found your teaching methods very unconventional, enthusiastic, and contagious. It made me want to listen, learn and investigate. I felt it was fast paced enough to be interesting to all, and the ability to have one-on-one time when needed. Your teaching methods were unexpected, and I never knew what direction the class was going to go in until I was in the chair in front of the computer. I really appreciated the personalized attention I received when you recognized I was struggling during certain projects.”

    “Your teaching was great. Humor is always good when your trying to learn something as difficult as coding.”

    Spring 2011

    “Not only were we learning how to use CSS, we were also learning about new applications that would make our everyday tasks more efficient. … [You were] really energetic and great. It’s nice to have an engaging teacher who is really good at explaining basics, and heckles you in a funny way if you don't know something you should know.”

    “Very enjoyable! Very knowledgeable in what you teach but your enthusiasm for this topic made it a lot of fun and kept my interest.”

    Fall 2010

    “I really enjoyed this class—it has been one of the more useful classes I have taken thus far. … I never dreaded coming to this class even though it was so early in the morning. You were always very engaging, up beat—and I appreciated the humor. You took boring html and made it interesting.”

    “You make coming to a Saturday morning class possible. You are easy to listen to, and you kept me awake and laughing which was necessary on Saturday mornings.”

    “I liked your enthusiasm and personality. I imagined HTML/CSS being a dull subject but you really made it come alive with personal stories, website examples, and jokes.”

    “I was SO happy that you are an active, exciting teacher. Nine a.m. on a Saturday morning is very, very early and I need to be JOLTED awake every week.”

    “I loved your teaching! You are very entertaining and make everything interesting. I suspect you already know this about yourself. … I’m going to look at the world differently and be proud of the fact that I at least know what HTML is. I will probably never do this for a career, but I thought it was an excellent learning experience.”

    “Awesome! Everything was made so plain in terms a lay person could really understand.”

    “I love finding tips and tricks that are like little nuggets of gold in my app understanding. Boy, did this class have them in excess. … Scott didn’t just say why he felt as he felt about various aspects of the internets and net apps, and browsers, etc., but he explained why, which was what I need to lock in the importance of those opinions. Having been a web developer since the first site I created circa 1997, I was really unsure about how much I’d get out of the class. I focused on one aspect of the course description as the only item I really needed more information on, but from the first class I was learning so many interesting things that each class had something of note.”

    “You made this class extremely interesting, I looked forward to your classes.”

    “I enjoy coming to class and knowing that I am going to find out lot of cool stuff you just found out the past week.”

    “Your teaching is very entertaining. I was impressed in a previous class ‘Tech for Managers’ how you can teach the history of computers and not have the class fell asleep.”

    “Your web site was a HUGE help! It was nice to have everything in one place.”

    Spring 2010

    “Very fun, positive class environment. Great at answering specific questions. Awesome overall.”

    “Not only the breadth of Scott’s knowledge but, the variety of perspectives from fellow students made this an exceptionally worthwhile course. I can not imagine another environment that would give me such a wide scope of knowledge to learn from. … The background information Scott brings in to every class just adds to my overall understanding of web technology. … Great. I like your style. This class would not work in a strict environment. You kept everything non-threatening and made it easy to try things that didn’t work and then learn from it. It was never just wrong. It was, okay, that didn’t work, now how do we fix it. … Once again, your passion for the subject really kept the energy level of the class very high.”

    “You learned us well. :)”

    “I like the teaching style of letting us do things on our own after discussing the subject. Your style is very fluid and not so rigid which I really like.”

    Fall 2009

    “The syllabus was very easy to understand and follow and I found it very informative and helpful.”

    “There really wasn’t anything I didn’t find interesting or you didn’t make interesting. … Once I would get in [your website], it seemed like I wouldn’t ‘come back’ for a couple of hours. … I liked your style. Your depth of knowledge and passion for web development was obvious and drew me in even on days when I was not functioning at my best (tired from staying up too late the night before).”

    “Kept me interested. Again, enjoyed the openness of sharing new things that you found and that you thought we might or could use these tools.”

    “You had everything we needed to access on your web site. It is a great web site and I will always use it now. … You were born to teach.”

    “I found your zest for teaching to be a real help when arriving to class on a Saturday morning. … Awesome… No complaints what-so-ever. A+ … I was able to stay awake. It was interesting enough to pay attention after Friday nights frequent drinking escapades.”

    “Entertaining, awesome, funny, fresh, light, and most importantly, you are passionate about what you’re teaching because you clearly love it. This makes the class very fun and I hope to take every class you teach.”

    “I have never had a teaching experience like this. I found it very inviting and I found you able to break down complex ideas down into bite size chunks. That’s what made it a really good experience and made it worth the 3 hours on a Saturday morning. … I was surprised at how much fun this class was.”

    “Scott, you have done a great job at teaching this course. … Your teaching was great. … You hit every subject plus more that I expected.”

    “I have learned so much from you. I like how you explain things and I like your humor. It makes learning material that is challenging for some of us, much more enjoyable.”

    “Teaching was great. Class at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning has the potential be a serious drag, but you help keep the discussion lively. Also, it’s nice how you take the time to address people’s questions and are available after class for in-depth discussion and further questions if people would like. Posting the presentations online also was helpful so we could go back and review if needed.”

    “Great!! Really made the class fun and interesting, the only class I could have sat through 3 hours each week. Simple, to the point, really made things clear to me. Really liked how you were able to articulate and differentiate the concepts. … I really liked how you acted as a filter to the information, so you gave us the most useful things you found and that was so much more efficient than me trying to read all this material from a book or from somewhere else having to synthesize it by myself.”

    “It was very easy to learn from you … The new software/technologies and extensions were EXTREMELY helpful. I really enjoy learning about those ‘gems’ of the web that I just don’t find the time to look for, let alone know where to start looking. … The web site was helpful but even more so was your syllabus. You are one of the first instructors that I have had that actually posts their slideshows and handouts on their web site. I can’t tell you how many of them say they will and never do. Bravo THANK YOU! … Awesome. The real reason the class goes so well is because you can easily tell that you are very devoted and passionate to your field. It is very easy to learn from someone who actually cares about what they do.”

    “Excellent. You were always enthusiastic and interesting.”

    “I liked the amount of web searching, add-ons, extensions, and other tips you have discovered and passed along to us. That was the jewel of the class.”

    “Your teaching style is great. You’re informative, open to all questions, and use humor to lighten up things.”

    Spring 2009

    “Most interesting: The instructor’s perspective on a variety of web-development related topics”

    “I like your style of teaching very much which is probably why I’ve taken so many of your classes. I really like the casual”real" style and there is (for me) never a feeling that you’re at all unapproachable."

    “Scott’s witty banter. I think that in general, you have a great knack for making things as dull as computer coding come to life and be very interesting. No one area in particular was especially exciting, but I definitely think you made it easier to keep interested in the subject matter more than any other professor could have. … Excellent. One of my favourite professors at the school.”

    “Good—both knowledgeable and funny”

    “I enjoy learning from you…you have vast knowledge of web development. I often laugh in class so it is fun, too.”

    “Excellent. Very entertaining as always!”

    “You have a nice rapport with the class and know your stuff really well. New programs and versions pop up all the time, and you stayed current with all of that and rolled with the punches when it happened—it showed how flexible one needs to be in this field.”

    Fall 2008

    “Most interesting is the reduction of the vast sea of web development topics down to a practical and useful core, but an expert in the web development field, so that the student can apply himself to study important and relevant material. … Teaching is first rate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, interesting, detailed, comprehensive, and, one might say, it has massive underlying integrity.”

    “I found his enthusiasm made the course interesting. I loved his hints and suggestions.”

    “Your teaching was great. I learned a lot.”

    “The classes were well structured and presented in an interesting manner. It was very useful that you emphasized proper form and design. … The depth of background information provided some surprising insights.”

    “I really appreciated all the resources you post on the website and how organized it is so that I could reference back to the class date. There were lots of helpful tutorials and cheat sheets. … Your teaching was good. You covered a huge amount of information and challenged people while still being very encouraging.”

    “Wonderful … Very engaging and entertaining. … Your teaching style made it a lot of fun. Time flew by each class.”

    “Scott’s engaging and sometimes wacky … He creates memorable ‘anchors’ for things that he teaches that help in the learning and memorization process.”

    “I learned a lot more in this class than just CSS and web design. I really enjoyed coming in on Saturday mornings.”

    Spring 2008

    “The class was packed full of information that I could actually use on a daily basis. I also like that I learned in-depth features of programs I already used, and found a lot of new programs to use that were better than the ones I previously used.”

    “I liked the fact that you were so accessible, and were willing to go into an intense depth of detail when asked a question.”

    “Scott is ever amusing. Good, entertaining, and full of the color his clothing apparently lacks.”


    Fall 2007

    “Teaching was great because it seemed to work for whatever level the class was on. It was not too scary for novices.”

    “I really liked the ‘inside scoop’ perspective of the class. We were not spoken to as novices. You do a great job giving people confidence to believe they are capable of understanding and becoming proficient with this type of information. … I thought you did a nice job of giving the people who were more advanced opportunities to move forward without making everyone else get lost. … I was really reticent to take a class on Saturday morning for three hours—that sounds like a recipe for disaster … Your teaching style is fantastic—my sister had you more than a decade ago for English class and has the exact same rave reviews of your style as I have today. Another thing—it would have been really easy for the ‘smart’ guys to take over the class and make the rest of us feel like total idiots but you did a great job keeping the class flowing and not letting it go too far over our heads.”

    “Your website is terrific. There is so much content and extra information and links so that if I am interested in something we talk about, I can read further on it. … You were very understanding of anyone who had questions. … I thought I would surely struggle, but slowly I learned and built up confidence.”

    “Very organized and articulate.”

    “The problem with most tech related courses I’ve taken is that they stick to one topic far too long and usually the information they are presenting is well out of date. This class presented information that is not obsolete and I appreciate that. … I’m used to instructors that deal with any tech topic to be really dry and not very good with communication. You speak well and have a strong grasp of how to relate abstract (and not so abstract) things in a way that makes sense to the normal person (normal being non-nerd).”

    “Your teaching is great. I think you make a very dry subject into something more interesting. … I learned great things and had fun—on Saturday morning! I think you were great. It was great to meet you and have you as a professor. You are generous with your knowledge and that is really cool from you.”

    “Very entertaining and interesting … Remember our conversation about about universities? How their diversity is both their madness and their genius? I never knew that same kind of argument could be applied to a human until I met you. But with you, it’s much more genius, an just a little madness. … Also, I love it when you challenge us to think for ourselves and struggle for answers. Your two greatest strengths as a teacher are your ability to present information in an entertaining and interesting manner and your dedication to making your students think.”

    “You kept the class moving and it never got boring. I liked that it wasn’t just rote learning. … I felt like I got a good foundation to go and explore.”

    Spring 2007

    “To be frank, you are the best teacher I ever had. You are passionate and very knowledgable, which keeps the students motivated. The class is also interactive, in which you give enough opportunity for students to speak out for questions and comments.”

    “Your website is critical for understanding and working with CSS.”

    “I like your teaching style very much. There is always extra, helpful information (websites, learning tools, plug-ins) that you provide that is over and above what I would have expected for the class.”

    “Everything was gone over step-by-step and comprehensively.”

    “This is an awesome class with engrossing material.”

    “Best teaching website I’ve ever encountered.”

    “Always fun, interesting, lively and informative.”

    “Your teaching is wonderful, and I felt that I learned a lot without any pressure in your class.”

    “Good discussions in class. Fellow students were working at a high level. The links from the syllabus were very useful. Good organization of the level of links (i.e., beginner, advanced).”


    Fall 2006

    “I had no idea I could learn so much HTML so quickly. I didn’t know XHTML existed, or CSS for that matter. This class really demystified all three topics for me, as well as explained the mysteries of related technologies. … You make coding fun and interesting. You have a real talent & passion for this & I appreciate it!”

    “I thought the listserv was a good way for the class to collaborate, creating a way to learn together.”

    “Your web site helps a lot, and keeps me feeling motivated by the new technology you have been sharing with us.”

    “My new motto: ‘When in doubt, ask The Scott!’”

    “Scott’s presentations were very entertaining. The course, although three hours long, did not drag. … I was surprised by how Scott was able to take what I consider a dry topic and make it interesting.”

    “I always like your teaching style … You make it fun and informative.”

    “Your website is always helpful. I refer to it often and keep it open in one of my Firefox tabs whenever I’m building a web page. There is an abundance of resources.”

    Spring 2006

    “Scott is able to effectively and efficiently teach things that are very applicable in the real world. We got to actually practice what we learned in class and get feedback on it, which is good for those of us active learners. Most classes don’t leave much time for that sort of thing. Also, Scott’s just a fun guy!”

    “… excellent and entertaining. … I like the relaxed casual atmosphere.”

    “There are so many tidbits of information that you make available to the class the really enhance the whole learning experience.”

    “The teaching was, as I found in previous semesters, humorous, enlightening, entertaining, and fun. One of the biggest reasons that I love your class is that you make learning fun.”

    “Excellent. Well-organized, practical, useful, also flexible.”

    “… informative, fun, and entertaining.”

    “First of all, Scott is funny. It’s fun to go his class and meanwhile you still learn a lot.”

    “Your web site is my first resource … I find myself accessing your site in my bookmarks before I use a search engine for information.”

    “[The class mailing list] is an excellent resource for help and more importantly for getting to know and enjoy the other students in the class.”

    “Superb. Always look forward to Scott’s class. He’s just a dandy lad and an excellent resource for all of sorts of web-related and even non-web-related stuff.”

    Fall 2005

    [What I found most interesting about the class:] “Understanding why things should be done the way they should be done; i.e., not just being taught the details but why doing things one way is far better than doing things another way. [Scott’s] a very energetic teacher, enjoyable personality, wealth of information. I looked foward to class every week.”

    “What I found most interesting is how much of a techie I actually am. I just needed to be shown the way.”

    “Productical, practical, and humorous. You always pay attention to every student. You are one of my favorite teachers!”

    “I will have to say that the teaching methods were amazing! I’m not just saying that! … you were able to answer any of our questions. The class was interesting and your sense of humor was great. Libby was very cute and friendly.”

    “Scott is a fabulous resource for open source software as well as applications, code, what’s new and improved on the Internet, music, and even shaving oil! … Your web site was absolutely helpful. Lots of valuable links, tutorials, and information. … I loved you as a teacher. Your sense of humor makes the class so much fun, and I cannot imagine not taking your advanced class in the next semester. … I learned that I am more capable of learning web design using hand-coding than I give myself credit for.”

    “You did your best to help those of us who are”slow" catch up."

    “I enjoyed the relaxed feel in class and the fact you were open to ANY of our questions.”

    “Without a doubt the best teaching I have had since I left college.”

    “Every lecture was dynamic, fun, and entertaining. Scott can make anything interesting. … Scott might be the best teacher I’ve ever had. His style is amazing. His presentation is very animated. He keeps our attention easily with humor and great examples. He lets the students ask as many questions as they need to and never talks down to any student. He’s very helpful and accessible. … I came in knowing nothing, and feel like I’ve learned quite a bit.”

    “Your teaching is super. You are a very bright and lively person, thank God. You can also explain things in many different ways, which is a good trait for teaching. You can take any question and answer it to the questioner’s satisfaction.”

    Fall 2004

    “The instructor is great! He makes the class fun!”

    “The instructor is amazing. His knowledge base is phenomenal. I learned so much from this class and it had everything to do with the instructor and his love of what he does and his ability to present it. There was a lot of instructor/student interaction. The hands-on experience in several of his classes proved to be invaluable.”

    “I have already told numerous persons about this terrific class and the instructor.”

    “It is a great, fun, challenging class. You can get a lot out of it even if you already know some basic HTML.”

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I’ve learned a great deal of helpful information about websites and the Internet/computers in general. I especially enjoyed the laid back and low stress atmosphere where I could learn for learning’s sake.”

    “Scott, thank you for devoting your Saturday mornings to come to class and pouring out your incredible knowledge base upon us. I thoroughly enjoyed your class and look forward to taking another of your classes in the near future.”

    Fall 2004 at Flo Valley

    “You call what you did teaching? I would rather consider it as sophisticated, enlightening entertainment. The relaxed environment, your vast knowledge on the topic and nearly every topic we brought up in class made this a near ideal learning environment.”

    “My goal for the class was to gain an understanding of how websites are developed, so I could talk at least halfway intelligently with out webguy and IT guy at my work. I achieved and surpassed that goal. I now know the limits of the guys at my work.”

    “I enjoyed your sense of humor, which adds a lot to what could be a very dry topic. I have had enough bad teachers to know that your presentation style adds to the ability of students to retain the knowledge.”

    “I think you did an excellent job keeping our attention. Your excitement and jokes kept us going, awake, and interested. You seem to be very knowledgeable in the subject and you are actually developing websites. This is an instant respect factor for me—knowing that you can actually do what you are teaching.”

    Summer 2004 at Flo Valley

    “I thought the teaching was excellent. A good mix of theory and how it’s applied to real world situations.”

    “Very enjoyable. Making a point of understanding a topic by different descriptions was a strong point. Your humor made drawn out lecture times much easier to stay awake.”

    “Your laid back teaching style was great! I could really relate to you and enjoyed listening to you speak. You made the class more fun and made what could be a pretty dry subject very enjoyable. Your music selection was great while we were doing our team projects. I also looked forward to your news items each Saturday.”

    “You really know your stuff. … You’re enthusiastic about the subject—that helps a lot! And you generally keep the class on track—you don’t let tangents go too far. Also amazing—this was as intense as my freshman classes at Rolla, but you didn’t completely lose the greenhorns.”

    It was like a thirst was being quenched because I finally had an arena to discuss technology & design. I got so many great resources, and I’ve totally changed my computing habits.

    I could spend hours looking through Scott’s website. … Scott is very entertaining. He was not a boring teacher. … I enjoyed the class so much that the time flew.

    Fall 2003

    “You took a course that I thought could have been boring and made it exciting. I did not want to miss any of it.”

    “I appreciate the way you take the time to explain things in detail. I also like that you pass on new and useful information as soon as it’s available and expand on the who’s and why’s of it.”

    “I like your teaching style a lot. I feel that you are very knowledgeable about these and many other subjects—which make for interesting discussions.”

    “Scott is a great instructor who really is interested in what he’s teaching and wants you to be able to understand it too.”

    “The course is excellent. Scott is very dynamic and a great teaching style … Scott is a wonderful instructor. … I would take just about anything Scott taught.”

    “I feel that this instructor has a natural ability to make learning an interesting and fun process.”

    “Scott is a wonderful instructor who’s on the cutting edge of technology. It’s a pleasure to come to his class every week.”

    “This is the course to take for learning web site design and development. Mr. Granneman made it very entertaining.”

    “Excellent teacher! Very in depth teaching. Need more classes like these.”

    I also brought out little shih-tzu Libby to class sometimes too. She turned out to be a great hit with the students.

    “I like how you kept things light and fun while still informative. Libby is a wonderful assistant teacher! I like that you brought Libby to class—she is adorable and sweet and fun and makes the class less like a class and more like a group of people gathering and learning at the same time.”

    “Scott is an excellent instructor. He was very dynamic and made the class non-threatening and fun. … I also enjoyed having Libby [the little dog] join us. It just made things more comfortable. I also thought the movies, CDs, and even the music you put on while we were setting things up was great.”

    Fall 2003 at Flo Valley

    “I liked your teaching method very much. Your use of humor and vocal dynamics kept me attentive, while your use of repetition and insistence on class involvement hammered home important topics.” (J.E.B.)

    “I have spent many years in corporate training and found your teaching methods and processes productive for adult learning. The course content pragmatically takes a beginner from learning HTML language to understanding the structures and rules associated with building a website. I found that your teaching methods are geared to adult learners. You use a lot of two-way communication to involve the learner in the learning process and at the same time challenge the class participants to retain what they learned. You kept the class moving, interesting, challenging, and encouraged the participants to want to learn more about website development. Kudos!”

    Summer 2003 at Flo Valley

    “In a 4-hour class that goes late in the evening (or starts early on Saturday), it makes a huge difference when the instructor has lots of energy and is good at getting people involved. Your sense of humor also helps. It always makes a class better when the instructor loves what he does—and knows plenty about it.”

    Spring 2003 at Flo Valley

    “The class was a terrific overview of Web design, and I found everything interesting. … Fabulous. I particularly appreciated your enthusiasm for the subject. You made everything seem interesting. I learned much more in this class than I expected to when I signed up for it. … I enjoyed the course tremendously and appreciated all of the resources you made available.”

    “I expected a boring teacher with a boring subject. I was wrong about both.”

    “Scott loves to teach and did an excellent job.”

    “Dynamic, encourages participation, & thinking. You love your work, enjoyed your sense of humor! Good mix of hands-on learning, experience, & lecture. I have recommended you to my co-workers.”

    Fall 2002

    “AWESOME! You are a very interactive, enthusiastic, and knowledgable teacher and I enjoyed it very much.”

    “You keep me awake on a Saturday morning week after week. I enjoyed and learned from the realistic examples you related from mistakes made in the real world.”

    “I love your teaching style. You are 100% recommended in my book. You make it fun and the subject didn’t seem insurmountable as I had imagined.”

    “… he obviously has a command of this and many relative subjects and the way in which he taught was enlightening and fun.”

    “Excellent verbal presentation.”

    “Scott was always prepared for class and knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish.”

    Fall 2002 at Flo Valley

    “Your enthusiasm and sense of humor serve you very well and make the class enjoyable. You obviously know your stuff.”

    “Animated, energetic, knowledgeable, and interesting.”

    “If you teach it, I will come.”

    Summer 2002 at Flo Valley

    “It’s been great to listen to you and your ideas. How did you ever learn all this? Computer classes can be so dry and boring, but you bring a lot of enthusiasm to class. Thank you very much.”

    Fall 2001 at Flo Valley

    “Scott made the class really enjoyable and covered a bounty of information in just a few short weeks. He is very knowledgable, energetic, very aware of emerging tech issues and reiterated over and over and over and over and over again about the importance of Web security.”

    “Excellent! Very enthusiastic, went the extra mile to get us information and keep communication flowing. Knowledgeable about every facet of the topic. A++++++.”

    “Your instruction was outstanding. Absolutely terrific. Your lectures and instructions were more than worth the cost of the course and my time. I have recommended your course to work associates and have praised your down-to-eath teaching approach without talking over the heads of novices like myself.”

    “Your wealth of knowledge is amazing … as is your enthusiasm for the subject matter!”

    “You surprised me when the power went out and the lights went off and you continued to teach in the dark!”

    “I enjoyed your style of teaching. I really looked forward to coming to class. You provide a very friendly atmosphere and I feel confident that you will answer questions whenever you can.”


    Of course, I do have my failings. Sometimes I go a bit too much in-depth when answering questions, as this student from the Flo Valley Summer 2002 Web Design class pointed out:

    “If I ask, ‘What time is it?’, I don’t need the history of clock making, including how to make the clock.”

    I love that comment! In response, a student over 10 years later had this to say:

    “If I ask you about the time, then I would like to hear more about clocks, more about history of clocks, more about philosophy of time and more about what sites I should check out to get the most accurate time.”

    WebSanity Top Secret