Effective Website Management Student Evaluations

Spring 2007

"The RFP was an excellent experience. Working in groups was good—more interactive than constant lecture."

"Glad there were 2 different teaching styles! … Wealth of knowledge of instructors, diversity of class."

"… the class was very valuable."

"Great—the best instructors."

"Great! I love the informal & friendly atmosphere."

"Fun—no matter what the topic, it was made interesting through your guys' enthusiasm. … now I am able to look at websites differently. I can judge quality."

"Fun—you guys have a great dynamic and use anecdote well. It was always an enjoyable time."

"I won't look at websites the same way."

"… very knowledgeable chaps (and very entertaining). I can tell you are really invested in what you are teaching, which is always good & I appreciate freedom to ask questions and your desire to help as best as possible."

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