Topics for my Web development courses.


An overview of the course & the start of learning Web development basics.

Web Dev Basics

Elements, attributes, & values. DTDs. Character encoding. A simple webpage, corrected. Comments. Editing tools. Templates.

Visual Studio Code

How to install, configure, & use VSCode.

HTML Overview 1

HTML Overview, Tools, & Brackets

HTML Overview 2

Outlines, Sections, & Grouping

HTML Overview 3

Quotations, Text Semantics, Text Formatting

HTML Overview 4

Multimedia, Frames, Character Entities

HTML Linking

Linking with the anchor (A) element.


Catch up day.


Catch up day.


Catch-up day.

CSS Overview 1

CSS History, Why CSS?, The DOM.

CSS Overview 2

Basic Selectors, Formatting CSS, SPAN & DIV, Integrating CSS.

CSS Overview 3

Inheritance, Cascading, Tools.

CSS Overview 4

In-class CSS demo & grading.


Catch-up day.

Layout Methods

Laying out 2-column webpages with tables, the float property, the display: table-cell declaration, & flexbox.

Media-Specific Styles

Same HTML + different CSS = webpages that display differently depending upon context.

CSS Typography Basics

Typography, typefaces, & fonts.

CSS Typography: Embedding Fonts

Embedding fonts, the easy but wrong way & the harder but correct way.

CSS Typography

Further work.

Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap

Bootstrap, the most widely-used responsive framework in the world.

Catch-Up Day

Work on your assignments!


The building blocks of CSS.


The world-famous Colostomo website project.
WebSanity Top Secret