Getting More From Your Mac

INTM 3150 01 Getting More From Your Mac

Webster University
School of Communications
Dept. of Electronic & Photographic Media

Fall 2016
Fri. 5:30–9:30 p.m.
Sat. 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Oct. 7–8, 2016
Sverdrup 106, Webster Campus

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    Instructor: Scott Granneman

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    Course Description

    Use a Mac? I can guarantee you’re not taking full advantage of it! Taught by an Adjunct Professor who has been using Macs since they first came out in the early 1980s, by the time we’re finished, you will be a Mac ninja. We’ll talk about hardware a bit, including the best time to buy a Mac — and how you can save money when you do. You’ll learn everything about OS X, the Mac’s operating system, and we’ll also delve into some of the default apps that come with a new Apple computer. In addition, we’ll spend a substantial amount of time looking at the best apps for your Mac, especially for students. If you use a Mac, or are curious about them, take this course!



    There are no required books. Virtually everything you need can be accessed via my website; however, when it’s appropriate I will recommend other materials useful for further study & reference.


    Bring your Mac with you!


    Your grade will be based entirely on class attendance and participation. You are expected to attend class prepared to learn and discuss the topics with your fellow classmates. We may also work on in-class exercises, and you are expected to take an active part in those exercises.

    Grades will be based on an average of the above as follows:

    100 A+
    94-99 A
    89-93 A-
    86-88 B+
    83-85 B
    79-82 B-
    76-78 C+
    73-75 C
    69-72 C-
    66-68 D+
    63-65 D
    59-62 D-
    0-58 F


    Accommodation of Disabilities

    Webster University is committed to providing accommodations and/or services to students with documented disabilities. If you have registered as a student with a documented disability and are entitled to classroom or testing accommodations, please inform me at the beginning of the course.

    Drops and Withdrawals

    The Drop/Add & Withdrawal dates are listed each semester on the University website, in the University catalog, & in the Course Description book. If the course is dropped within the Drop/Add period, no notation of the course will appear on the student’s transcript. Withdrawals that take place after the published Drop date will result in the dreaded “W” appearing on the student’s transcript.


    I like to record lectures & discussions for my own purposes. Sometimes I make videos out of my slides & the audio I’ve recorded, & then I post them on the Internet so others can learn from them. I will do my best not to identify you, but your first name might be used on the audio.


    I have no problem with students using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone during class for academic purposes; in fact, I would do the same thing. However, please do not use your personal device (or the computer on your desk) during class to conduct personal business such as Facebook, email, or IMing. This reduces your concentration & participation and distracts others around you. Repeated distractions will reduce your grade for the course. Please do what you need to do to keep cell phone distractions at a minimum.

    What We’ll Cover

    WebSanity Top Secret