Information Security Student Evaluations

Spring 2007

"Very informative and informational, organized class."


"This course covered a broader range of information besides just book material. It kept the class very interesting. Scott was very passionate about the subject."

"Mr. Granneman is very professional and down to earth,"

"Very good and fair!"

"This class and the instructor were the best that I have had in the Graduate program. Please convince him to return and teach other classes."

"This course was one of the best I have taken so far at Webster. His online site was very helpful and had great additional material."

"Instructor gave us additional information which we could apply both in the IT field and other real-life situations."

"Mr. Granneman was an enjoyable instructor to learn from."

"This was a very well-thought out class. Mr. Granneman is the bomb!!"

Summer 2005

"Scott laid out the material in an organized manner that tied into the text very well."

"Very good presentations, extremely organized and knowledgeable of the material."

"The instructor clearly understands the concepts covered in this class and is able to relate many real world examples as supporting information."

"Communication was very good and effective. Scott's use of real situations and current issues helped increase the interaction within, and interest of, the class."

"Instructor made information interesting and the course fun to attend and be part of. This is the best instructor I've had at Webster in all 5 of the classes I've had. You need to clone him for your other courses."

"I would recommend Scott to other students for any course. By far the best I've seen or had in quite a while—I looked forward to coming to class. You should do everything you can to keep him on board. Thanks for the class! Enjoyed it!!!"

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