Programming for the Web Student Evaluations

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    Evaluations by students in Programming for the Web.

    Fall 2015

    “I love [flipped teaching]!!! I like how I was able to work on my assignments to the best of my ability or finish them, then come in the next day and have them checked and if it wasn’t done right I was allowed time to finish it for full credit! … Scott definitely knows what he is doing! You can tell he has YEARS of experience and has a passion for what he does. I wish I could get as excited as he does about HTML-CSS at 8 in the morning!”

    “I actually like the flipped teaching format. This was my first time in a class that did flipped teaching and it was very interesting. I like the idea of being able to get my assignments complete in class.”

    “Learning different code languages is understandably not the most exciting subject but I found that once you have the basic knowledge and of how to build and style your own webpages you essentially have access to a completely new medium of design. Learning this is unlike anything I have ever learned before. There are so many different elements and resources to remember and incorporate that it is actually overwhelming if you try to learn too fast. I think this is probably going to be one of the most useful skills that I have learned in my profession. Also I liked how we learned other useful technology tips like how to use a Mac better.”

    “Not trying to be a suck up, but you are definitely one of the better teachers I’ve had at webster. Keep pushing people to do things your way because it is best!”

    “I enjoyed every minute of this class. It’s a lot of information in a pretty short amount of time but it’s a good start for anyone who wants to get into web development/design.”

    “I loved the flipped teaching format. For what we were learning, I don’t think having a regular format would have been effective in this class. … Your teaching is great. You are a very smart individual and you have the confidence and the experience needed to teach this course. You are able to communicate effectively to your students and that is so important in a learning environment.”

    “I really enjoyed your enthusiastic style and once I got used to your personality it quickly became one of my favorite classes that I’ve taken. … I was most surprised by how laid back this class was. The atmosphere was very conducive to learning and I really appreciate that.”

    “You’re a great teacher. You’re very knowledgeable about what you do and it’s a privilege learning under you. I’d recommend you to anyone.”

    Fall 2014

    “I like how we not only learned HTML/CSS but how we also learned about programs and websites to help enhance our HTML/CSS skills and make life easier. … I always learned something new every class.”

    “I thought that format was great because it gave us time to sit down and work with feedback. … It was very good; I appreciate the effort put into the presentations and videos that were to be watched outside of class because they were informative and I may keep returning to those well after this semester.”

    “I enjoyed it, actually. I loved that class time was for when I could ask my questions, get my help, and learn ‘on the job’, while at home I could watch at my own pace, take my own notes, and of course take breaks to refresh my tumblr between videos so it wasn't all in one big lump if I didn’t want it to be. … You have been my favourite teacher thus far at Webster. I have learned more from you and your teaching style than I have in the last 2 HTML classes I’ve taken. … I didn’t take the class to learn about Ghostery and OnePassword, but I’m so glad I got the information; I don’t know where else I would learn about it. The subject itself is highly versatile, and I’m so grateful that I increased my understanding of CSS by leaps and bounds."”

    “Good. You were very straightforward. You did well as far as helping myself and others figure out problems we may have been having.”

    Fall 2013

    “You took the time to challenge us. … This was my favorite class this semester and I enjoyed that you showed us things that you’ve learned last week or the other day. Very helpful. … You’re amazing, and good at breaking down the difficult details and when you see everyone is struggling with something you go more in depth.”

    “Scott keeps the class very interesting with his teaching style and upbeat attitude.”

    “The teaching was awesome! It’s clear that the teacher is very knowledgeable on the subject and other important subjects.”

    “Scott’s unique approach to the web with an eye toward "open-source" and "creative commons" among others was refreshing and shows (what I think) is a pretty good eye for the future. … Well done. Your enthusiasm really carries the tone for the class, and especially for the first few weeks, helped me persevere in spite of frustration. You have an obvious passion, and masters command for the subject, and I love the background you bring in tech-enthusiast/hardware and gadgets.”

    “Teaching was amazing and always entertaining. The chance to meet with you on a one on one basis was also very helpful. It shows the professor cares about the students’ education.”

    “Excellent. You have been one of the most entertaining and informative teachers I have had at this University. I previously took an HTML class and the professor was so bland and boring that I didn’t learn anything in that course.”

    Fall 2012

    “Your teaching style is just all around bad ass. Informing us of extremely useful third party applications to knowing what you’re teaching.”

    “… every word you spoke was like sweet, sweet nectar to my ears. … Excellent, thanks for keeping the class fun and informative. Like the Mr. Rogers of web development.”

    “Everything was relevant to my learning, and I can very clearly imagine using everything in the class to better my learning. … I was constantly checking the website and I was always surprised with the depth. I’ve never had a professor with such an extensive website and it was refreshing. All of your content helped… I learned more in this class than I learned all of last semester. Your teaching style is fantastic and I find with certain Webster classes they are tailored to the weakest learner in class. However with this class, the entire in-class period was spent maximizing learning and you went out of your way to help those who may have been behind. It was fantastic to be challenged. … Teach more classes at Webster!”

    “I found everything interesting. I always learned something. … You are one of the best teachers I’ve had in the past 3 years here at Webster. You made sure that we understood everything.”

    “My previous coding class included handwriting out code and had no sense of nesting. I feel like I can actually code with purpose after this course. … Entertaining, my previous HTML class was painfully boring and that was what I was anticipating for this class. However, that was not at all the case. It was very lively and modern. Also, the fact that you met with us outside of class to go over code is amazing. A lot of professors don’t take the time to do that, and it was super helpful!”

    “One of the best teachers I’ve had while in the INTM [Interactive Media] department. I’m a senior.”

    “You are very entertaining! You definitely know your stuff. Your stories about real life business experiences were also very helpful in preparing me for when I graduate.”

    “I liked that it was so enthusiastic. I could easily tell from day 1 that you knew what you were talking about. There aren’t many teachers here that I can say that about.”

    “Your teaching was great I loved how you not only went over what everything meant such as terms in HTML and CSS, but also how you showed visuals of them. The one on one time was the most helpful though to me because you could help strengthen my weaknesses and magnify my strong points.”

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