Student Evaluations

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    Evaluations from students who took this course.

    Fall 2016

    “You are very knowledgable and are no doubt one of the most qualified professors I have ever had. You are so good at what you do…”

    “I'm always looking for better tools and resources. Many of the ones mentioned in class I now use regularly. Your website provides a wealth of extremely useful information that I can access at any time. … Scott is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. It is clear that he is very knowledgeable with the subject material, and he is passionate about imparting that knowledge to others. He is an asset to any educational institution. ”

    “Amazing. easy to listen to, easy to follow and kept the class entertained.”

    “I thought [flipped teaching] was perfect. It’s a great way to learn something on your own and then have the opportunity to seek help if needed. It’s been one of my favorite ways to learn from class. … Perfect. I would enjoy taking more of your classes. ”

    “Very good. Tough but fair. Helpful and really had a lot of patience with me.”

    “Flipped teaching is my favorite format so I absolutely adored it.”

    “I think [flipped teaching] worked well, as any questions from the videos could be answered immediately in class, instead of spending time being taught and then having to answer questions in the same class”

    “The whole class was very interesting to me. I found a lot of value in all of the course material. … Very good. I think you are a very good teacher and entertaining. Able to explain concepts very well.”

    “I LOVED [flipped teaching]!!! I wish more teachers taught this way. I learned more about what I was doing wrong when you went over it in class or after class with me. I gained added information about web design with the lectures and videos. … Your teaching was very fun. I have enjoyed a lot of this class because of your side stories.”

    Spring 2016

    “I became a fan of your website since it had everything you could possibly need and its very well organized. Your teaching was pretty effective and way more entertaining than other night class that I have taken before.”

    “I like learning about the differences between all the different types of browsers, search engines, types of computers, etc. There is always something tech related (or life related) to be learned when being taught by Scott! … Your teaching style was student-friendly, you made me laugh.”

    “Professor is funny, makes studying more enjoyable. You did a great job. It was a pleasure being in the class. I learnt a lot. Even though it was a night class, which I don’t always appreciate, I enjoyed every single one of them.”

    “You were a very smart and funny professor.”

    “Flipped teaching is actually how I would prefer all of my classes to be, it makes a lot more sense for my style of learning. I cannot say enough good things about how you teach. There are people who know the material, but cannot teach it. You can do both, and I could usually get a laugh in too.”

    “I brag about Brackets to my actual friends who are professionals. I think it gives me street cred but one guy said it was the hipster of coding software.” ← Note from Scott: I thought that was funny!

    “Never really felt like there was a time where I didn’t think something was explained as thoroughly as it should have been.”

    Fall 2015

    “Nice, Funny, Helpful.”

    “Very direct and helpful.”

    “HAIL BRACKETS. I don’t know much about HTML editors but Brackets is the bomb-diggity.”

    “Your explanations on everything were easily understandable. The slides that you made are well-done and informative, as well as fun. Thoroughly enjoyed your teaching. Would be your student again 8/8 mate. … The class as a whole was more fun then I could ever have expected.”

    “Scott is a brony and a juggalo.”

    “I looooooved [flipped teaching]. I feel like it helped me to get a better understanding of what we were learning. I could try to figure it out on my own by watching the videos and looking at the slides and stuff, but then in class you'd go over it again and do examples with us and go through our assignments and it would really help hammer everything home. … FANTASTIC. Could you just like be my personal tutor and teach me everything you know about web development and the internet and etc etc??? Because that would be great.”

    Fall 2014

    “Your teaching was great, one of the most charismatic professors/teachers I’ve had in a long time.”

    “Excellent teaching style and very helpful to those new to the subject.”

    “You are the best professor I ever had!!! Very relaxed!!!”

    “[The class] site was well organized and flowed perfectly.”

    “Great! You made things more fun and you’re hilarious.”

    “Everything was so new to me and loved this class. … You keep the class interesting and funny yet very knowledgable. You care and want your students to learn something and we dooooooooo. That's the best thing any student could ask for. Thank YOU.”

    “The teacher was very good at using real world application to the websites to show how to best use the material we learned making nice looking websites. He had very good stories to relate to his content. Life experiences make the difference sometimes. … Your teaching was fantastic. By far one of my favorite college teachers I have had so far. Your stories mixed with your life experiences are awesome for learning. I was interested everyday that I attended.”

    “I was expected to have a hard time with this class but I was pleasantly surprised. The way the content was presented and explained really helped me understand it. I have decided to continue my studies on the subject matter because of this class. … I loved hav[ing] the videos and slides to refer back to. … To me you were great. You aren't afraid to say "THAT’S WRONG" and I like that. The way you presented the material kept my attention. You made me strive to do better and better.”

    “The language of HTML—as a liberal arts major it was entirely foreign to me, and Scott made it exciting to learn. At the end I was confident enough in my coding abilities to create a simple website from scratch without the use of ‘drag and drop’ programs like Dreamweaver. … Fun, entertaining, and extremely helpful. Topical jokes and conversation surprisingly make great memory mnemonics.”

    “I liked it. I was expecting to be bored, but I was surprised to have a dynamic teacher for a web design class.”

    “This course was completely foreign when I began, however, I learned A LOT! … It helped a lot because during class we were able to get your assistance on projects we were working on throughout the semester. This was a good way for individuals to work at their own pace and have individualized time with the instructor—you. … You are AWESOME! I have really enjoyed taking your class. I am pleased my adviser suggested your class to me otherwise I wouldn't have known about it. Thank you for a wonderful semester!”

    “It was great, very helpful and obviously knew your stuff!”

    “I found this entire class to be interesting. All the material covered in class were things that I had not learned about before, so it was very interesting and very useful … I thought that this teaching format seemed to work very well for this class. We could work on assignments on our own time and we could ask any questions we had during class time.”

    “Also you are very charismatic and funny and I enjoy listening to you explain things with terms like ‘Looks like ass. That's the technical term.’ … [The syllabus] was very well organized and helped a lot with staying on track with the syllabus. I usually lose the paper copies of my syllabuses and looking at the syllabus every day as opposed to never was very helpful. … You are one of my favorite teachers I’ve ever had. You explained things well, made jokes that made me remember the information better, made yourself very available and went way out of your way to make sure everyone in the class succeeded.”

    “I was surprised at how much of the material I really understood. I also enjoyed the short lesson on typography and the fact that you taught us how to use our computers more efficiently. … Your informal technique makes learning something technical more engaging. … Fantastic! You are very knowledgeable about html and css and excited to teach. It makes learning the information much easier. … I was surprised at how closely the class bonded. I have never had that experience in computer courses. And I was surprised at how much I love developing websites! I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for the course.”

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