Student Evaluations

Your Digital Toolbox Fall 2016

“Your teaching was the best I’ve ever experienced, not only in Webster—but ever. You were excited & passionate. You legitimately gave a s**t about everything you spoke about. You are, without a doubt, a diamond in the rough—most teachers I’ve had simply are uninterested and not up to date about their field. Honestly, I wish I could have had you for every college course. A lot of teachers here are too afraid to be ‘themselves’, but you were different.”

“You were interesting in a class I expected to be boring.”

“Scott’s teaching was excellent as always. Very informative and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I feel I learned a lot of useful information that I can actually apply and use.”

“Great! Scott knows his stuff, sticks to it, and can and is willing to answer questions and help. I’ve had professors who are lazy and don’t even stay on topic.”

“Honestly, the whole course was interesting! It was great! I really enjoyed the class and you kept me focused and having fun. I kind of wished it was a longer course.”

“Liked the laid-back style! Keep up the great work!”

“I wish Webster had more teachers like you.”

“Teaching style was relaxed and very open to student feedback. Explained things very well. … One of the most useful classes I have taken in college.”

“Fantastic! If I awake and tuned in for 8 hours of lecture then you’ve done well.”

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