Two-way Syncing Task List Software on a Mac

I used to use The Hit List on my Mac for my task lists, but the developer hasn't really updated in a long time. On top of that, even after a year, there's still no iPhone app for The Hit List, which means my tasks are stuck on my Mac, which pretty much makes The Hit List useless. His continual reply is "Trust me." But I'm weary of trusting vaporware.

After much reading & thinking, here's my solution, which I'm happy with:

1. Use Google Tasks. Normally, you access Tasks using Google Calendar or iGoogle, but the result is in a little bitty tiny area. That's why you instead …

2. Go to

3. That's nice—you now have Google Tasks in a full window. However, to really make this slick, install Fluid ( & create Google Tasks as an app on your Mac. For a nice icon, use the one at,

4. Get this app for your iPhone: GeeTasksPro (here's the iTunes link: It syncs (two-way!) with your Google Tasks account.

Done. You now have tasks that you can access (a) in your web browser, (b) on your Mac as an "app" thanks to Fluid, or (c) on your iPhone. Sure, it's not completely as slick as The Hit List, but it works well, and most importantly, IT'S HERE NOW & IT WORKS.

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