Hyphens, Dashes, & More

A hyphen joins words: three-hour tour, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Fahey-Vornberg, or Jay-Z.

An en dash indicates a range: June–August or 7–9 p.m.

An em dash is used for three different purposes:

A minus is used for math. We all know that one.

Single & double primes are used for things like navigation: 39°6'58"N & 93°11'52"W.

Symbol Name Symbol Example
Hyphen - Fahey-Vornberg
En Dash May 10–14, 2009
Em Dash He smiled—no, grinned—at her.
Minus 10−3=7

So what do you use in your HTML to insert these characters?

Character Unicode Name Numeric Character Reference Named Character Reference
Prime ′ ′
Double Prime ″ ″
' Apostrophe ' '
" Quotation Mark " "
Left Single Quotation Mark ‘ ‘
Right Single Quotation Mark ’ ’
Opening Double Quotation Mark “ “
Closing Double Quotation Mark ” ”
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