Why Choose vim?

I don't want to get into the emacs/vim war, but I think vim would be better here than emacs.

For a general text editor, I'd recommend vim over emacs. I used to use emacs, but there were problems with it. In particular, macros & aliases were complicated to set up & use, & impossible to edit (unless you know lisp). In fact, the emacs guides state clearly that if you wish to create a macro or script to automate something, you should let emacs record your actions & then name the script. The actual process for doing this I found cumbersome—I had to look up documentation every single time I wanted to do it—and then, if you wish to edit the script, your only recourse it to re-enact the process so that it is re-recorded! I found this inefficient.

vim has these advantages:

vim does have this disadvantage:

On the whole, I just find vim easier to work with & do what I want it to do. If you're a lisp programmer, or someone who likes the 'everything & the kitchen sink' approach of emacs, then go for emacs. Otherwise, I'd look at vim.


vim is available for *nix, Mac OS X, & Windows. There are lots of vimrc files out there that you can learn from & copy. If you'd like mine—not that it's brilliant or anything, but it would be a start—let me know.

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