Generate Flickr Slideshows

My buddy Philip asked me how to generate embedded slideshows from his Flickr photos. Here's what I wrote him:

You have 2 methods.

METHOD #1: flickrSLiDR

Go to

Copy the URL (address) of a Flickr set and paste it in the textbox next to URL of User, Set or Group.

Empty the textbox next to Tags.

Leave Full Text empty.

Leave Slideshow Width & Slideshow Height set to 500, unless you want things to be bigger or smaller.

Leave Display Slideshow Preview checked.

Do not check Standards Compliance Mode.

Do not check Display User's Favorite Photos.

Press Create Slideshow.

The HTML code that needs to be pasted into the Vital Voice's web page will appear below, and will look something like this (if you don't see any code, or it's garbled as hell, that's due to your email program):

<iframe align='center' src='' frameBorder='0' width='500' height='500' scrolling='no'></iframe><br/><small>Created with <a href='' title=''>Admarket's</a> <a href='' title='flickrSLiDR'>flickrSLiDR</a>.</small>

Repeat as necessary, for every set.

METHOD #2: built-in to Flickr

Go to Flickr and click on a set.

In the upper right of the set's page is a link to Slideshow. Click it.

In the upper right of the slideshow is a link to Share. Click it.

You'll see Grab the embed HTML; under that it says Copy to clipboard. Click Copy to clipboard and then paste the resulting code into the Vital Voice web page.

Keep in mind that by default the resulting slideshow is small—400 x 300 pixels—but you can change the size. Back where you saw Grab the embed HTML, to the right of Copy to clipboard, you'll see a link that says Customize this HTML. If you click it, you can adjust the size manually, or just click on links for medium, large, or super-sized.

Repeat as necessary, for every set.

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