Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Power Users

Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Power Users is for Mac OS X users who want to go beyond the obvious, the standard, and the easy. If you want to dig deeper into Mac OS X and maximize your skills and productivity using the world’s slickest and most elegant operating system, then this is the book for you.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Power Users helps you push Mac OS X to the max, unveiling advanced techniques and options that you may have not known even existed. Create custom workflows and apps with Automator, run Windows programs and even Windows itself without dual-booting, and sync data on your hard drive, on your phone, and in the cloud—learn all of these techniques and more.

This is not a book that talks down to you; Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Power Users is an essential book for experienced Mac users who are smart enough to know there is more to be known, and are ready to become power users.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create your own custom workflows, apps, and services with one of Mac OS X’s hidden gems: Automator.
  • How to share an external USB hard drive with a Windows and Linux users and mount a network drive using SSH
  • How to run Windows—or even Linux—while you’re still running Mac OS X, without dual-booting. Even run the three major operating systems—Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux—at the same time!
  • How to customize Safari to make it even better than it already is.
  • All about browser options—Chrome, Opera, Camino, Stainless, and Arora.
  • How to manage data on your hardrive, on your phone, and in the cloud, with almost instantaneous syncing.
  • How to protect yourself and your valuable data. Find out lots of great, useful info on firewalls, encryption, passwords, backup, and more.

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