Pre-Chartreuse No. 2


Make sure you have the File Utils extension for Visual Studio Code installed!

For the last assignment you created a folder to hold all of the projects (I suggested Documents/Web Dev Projects). Your first project was named colors & went inside Web Dev Projects. You are still going to use colors for this assignment (& many others).

Open the colors project in Visual Studio Code. Right click on pre-chartreuse-01.html & select Duplicate.1 Call the new file pre-chartreuse-02.html. This assignment will take what you did in pre-chartreuse-01.html & modify it.

The Assignment

Reproduce this webpage: Pre-Chartreuse No. 22. Copy the text from the PDF.

This assignment introduces the following elements. You should use every one of these elements in order to complete the assignment (of course, you will also use some—maybe all—of the elements you used in the last assignment as well!).

Don’t forget that there is a difference between the <title> in the <head> & the title that humans see in the viewport.

  1. To see Duplicate when you right click, you need the File Utils extension for VSCode installed. 

  2. This is a PDF, not an actual webpage, because I’m sick of students copying the source code even after I ask them not to do so. 

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