Pages in this section contains assignments for students in various Web development courses.

Pre-Chartreuse No. 1

New elements: html, head, body, title, p, br, pre.

Pre-Chartreuse No. 2

New elements: ul, ol, li, dl, dt, dd, h1, h2, h3, & h4.

Chartreuse No. 1

New elements: address, i, em, b, strong, & blockquote.

Chartreuse No. 2

New elements: video, source, figure, figcaption, img, & q.

Chartreuse No. 3

New elements: a.

Index No. 1 & Chartreuse No. 4

New elements: nav. New concepts: internal linking & placeholder images.

Tertiary No. 1, Index No. 2, & Chartreuse No. 5

New elements: footer, article, aside, mark, hr.

CSS No. 1

CSS selectors: type, class, descendant, selector lists. CSS properties: margin-bottom, background-color, font-family, color, font-weight, border-bottom.

CSS No. 2: The Cascade

Practice with the CSS Cascade.

CSS No. 3: Embedding Fonts

A simple introduction to embedding fonts.

Colostomo Home Page

Practice with CSS Typography.

Boor-ing Email

An fun assignment about fonts & formatting.

Layout Methods

4 different techniques for laying out content on webpages.

Creating & Styling Tables

A simple assignment for creating & then attractively styling a table.

Facebook Forms

Practice making a simple form based on Facebook’s sign up.

Drop Caps, Formats, Definitions

An assignment testing your knowledge of the following CSS: font, formatting, & media style sheets.


A simple, fun project to learn image insertion, images as links, & linking.

Simple Print Styles

A simple assignment for testing media-specific styles for printing.

Responsive Web Design: Sidebar Page

An introductory assignment for learning Responsive Web Design with Twitter Bootstrap.

Simple Responsive Tables

Simple tables, done responsively.

Colors Made Responsive

Time to make the Colors project responsive!

Colostomo Website for Development Courses

Instructions for developing a website for Colostomo, a medical supply company.

Colostomo Website for Design Courses

Instructions for designing a website for Colostomo, a medical supply company.

CSS Zen Garden Project

Information for students doing the CSS Zen Garden project for their final.
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