CSS No. 2: The Cascade

Concepts: Inheritance & the Cascade

Create a new, empty file in your colors project called index-cascade.html.

Go to http://chnsa.ws/181, click the Raw button, & copy the HTML. Paste it into index-cascade.html.

You cannot change what is between <style> & </style>! Pretend that came with the system you bought, & it cannot be altered. You will have to override that CSS to fix the problems with the included CSS.

Create a new file in your styles folder called main-cascade.css. Link to it from index-cascade.html.

Here are the problems with the CSS already in index-cascade.html that you need to fix in main-cascade.css:

Note: there are 2 ways to solve this problem, & both involve a <link> in the <head>. Do not change anything in the <body>!

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