Chartreuse No. 2

Right-click on chartreuse-01.html, duplicate it, & name it chartreuse-02.html.

Reproduce this webpage in Brackets: Chartreuse No. 2.

This assignment introduces the following elements. You should use every one of these elements in order to complete the assignment (of course, you will also use some—maybe all—of the elements you used in previous assignments as well!).


Create 2 new folders in your project:

To download images & videos, right-click on the appropriate links below & choose Download Link As… or Save Link As… or whatever your browser says. Place the downloaded files into the proper folders, as detailed below.

Download these images & place them in images:

Download these videos & place them in videos:

When you place <video> in your webpage, the width is 1280 & the height is 720. Use chartreuse-monastery.jpg as the poster image for the video. Your web browser & operating system may very well make this look different.

Insert the images in the appropriate locations inside <figure>. A few other things:

The following text should be quoted (using the appropriate element!): “the only liqueur in the world with a completely natural green colour”.

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