Chartreuse No. 1

Right-click on pre-chartreuse-02.html, duplicate it, & name it chartreuse-01.html.

Reproduce this webpage: Chartreuse No. 1. Copy the text from the PDF as needed1.

This assignment introduces the following elements. You should use every one of these elements in order to complete the assignment (of course, you will also use some—maybe all—of the elements you used in previous assignments as well!).


  1. If you copy a paragraph from the PDF & paste it into your code editor, you may see that the paragraph is now broken up into several separate lines. To fix that in Visual Studio Code, select all the lines, invoke the Command Palette (⌘⇧P/Ctrl-Shift-P), & then type in join. When you see Join Lines, press Enter. If you’re using a Mac, you can also just use ⌃J

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