Boor-ing Email


Before doing this assignment, you should definitely have watched these videos:

The Assignment

Create a new project & call it boor. Do not do this assignment in an already-existing project!

Download the following PDF: How To Be A Boor. I took out the pages we don’t care about, so yes, the PDF’s content jumps around.

View this text file that contains the text of How To Be A Boor & copy it (I did that so you would have the text to work with).

Using the text, style webpages that imitate the textual styling of all but the first page of How To Be A Boor (yes, this means 4 webpages in your project). The first page in the PDF (the one with the pig) is there just to give you an idea about the PDF, so ignore it.

Name your pages boor-1.html, boor-2.html, boor-3.html, & boor-4.html.

For each webpage, do the following:

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