In February 2007 I created a wiki as an experiment. I gave a speech at LinuxWorld in New York about security, and as part of that effort I created the Security Analogies wiki. It got a little attention, but not much … except for spammers. Spammers destroyed the wiki, to the point where I gave up. The content of the wiki is now available here, under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2. To all that helped add content to the wiki, thank you. The spammers can go to hell.


This site is dedicated to compiling good analogies used when explaining (computer) security matters. One of the challenges security experts face is expressing in simple language the issues involved in security. Analogies are often a good way of making plain what the issues are, in a language that is easy to understand. Of course, analogies have their problems; this wiki will hopefully allow us to fine-tune the analogies to make them as close a match as possible.

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