Brackets Tools

A wide variety of tools for editing HTML.

Changing Tags

Quickly rename elements in matching opening & closing tags.

CSS Class Code Hint

Automatically detect your CSS classes & IDs for quicker & easier entry into your HTML.

Custom Image

Adds a customized image tag.

Display Shortcuts

Display, add, & disable keyboard shortcuts in a bottom panel.

Duplicate Files & Folders

Duplicate, copy, or move files & folders.


Check that your HTML conforms to certain standards & specifications.

HTML Templates

Automatically insert HTML templates.


Display icons identifying file types next to all files in your project.


Re-indent your code so it’s easy to read & work with.

Indent Guides

Make it easier to see indent levels.

Join Lines

Join lines together—very useful!

Move Files

Move or copy files & folders in the left file tree

More HTML5 Code Hints

Extends Brackets to support more HTML5 elements & attributes.

New Project Creator

Create a new project from within Brackets.

Nu Markup Checker for Brackets

Automatically validate your code with

Select Lines

Select entire groups of lines using the number gutter.


Wrap selected text with code or symbols.

Zoom Zoom 130

Zoom the sidebar 130% so it’s easier to read.
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