Denise and I and our good friend David Hale are traveling to North into Michigan, Canada, New York City, & environs during two weeks of August 2005. Here's my subjective record of our journey.

A warning: some of these pages have a lot of photos on them, so it may take some time to download if you're using a modem. I try to make it clearer by listing how many photos are on each page. Be patient. They're worth the wait.


14 days

215 photos

36 movies

34,017 words


We're off (to Joliet, Illinois)! Womyn & Myn. Dogs. Raining like cats & dogs. A near disaster. Cricket. (0 photos; 0 movies; 2445 words)


Chicago. The famous author. Dinosaurs. Man eaters. Michigan. Reunion. Jazz at night. Fat spiders. (11 photos; 2 movies; 2311 words)


Shopping in a small town. Sand dune buggies! Mountain climbing. Exhaustion. Flint, the filthy city. (21 photos; 5 movies; 3782 words)


Wireless? Nope. Into Canada. Toronto. Smart Cars. The Rock. Seduction. Chocolates. (7 photos; 1 movie; 2406 words)


Remainders. Shoes. Hair cuts. Books. Scientology. Tallest building in the world. Water. Music. Sour about love. (22 photos; 6 movies; 3470 words)


Wine. Niagara Falls. Into the chaos! No salmon. (25 photos; 5 movies; 2931 words)


Chinatown. Strange things. Engrish. Montreal Fear. A haunted house? Rooms. Doors? (18 photos; 4 movies; 3668 words)


A warning. Contemporary art. The Bag Nazi. Kelly Martin. A deli. Old Montreal. Notre Dame. Bad acting. (21 photos; 3 movies; 3043 words)


Into the US. Lake George. The Jets. Penn Station. New York, New York. Relaxation. (11 photos; 3 movies; 1908 words)


T-shirts. MoMA? The Met. Art! Central Park. A big dinner. Greenwich Village. (39 photos; 5 movies; 3246 words)


Trinity Church. 9/11. The Statue of Liberty. Halloween! The Strand. Another big dinner. Times Square. Cheesecake. (34 photos; 2 movies; 3350 words)


Long Island. Traffic. Chair dancing. A messy van. Pittsburgh. (6 photos; 0 movies; 616 words)


Terre Haute. Fat. Home! (0 photos; 0 movies; 841 words)
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