Denise and I and our friend David Hale are traveling to the West Coast during two-and-a-half weeks of August 2003. Here's a subjective record of our journey.

A warning: some of these pages have a lot of photos on them, so it may take some time to download if you're using a modem. I try to make it clearer by listing how many photos are on each page. Be patient. They're worth the wait!


16 days

261 photos

2 movies

31,972 words


We're off! Tenants and floors. Tulsa. (0 photos; 1530 words)


Oklahoma City's memorial. Scary storms in Texas. Albuquerque. (18 photos; 1674 words)


A bad taste in the mouth. Getting high. Boredom. Hats. A close shave. The haunted hotel. (17 photos; 2820 words)


Beauty in a coffee cup. A grand canyon. Hoover Dam. Vegas. Casinos. I'm not eating that. (26 photos; 2953 words)


The burning bus. Bun Boys and Greeks. Los Angeles. (9 photos; 1168 words)


Mr. Frenchy. Dogs. Smog. Art, art, & more art. The beach. Drag queens. (20 photos; 2202 words)


Work. Reading. Squares and circles. Hollywood. Venice. Exhaustion. (9 photos; 1273 words)


Canals. Tranquility. Leaving Los Angeles. Ice Cream. Gorgeous views. San Francisco. Berkeley. Hell. (16 photos; 1879 words)


Berkeley Pier. Time travel. Napa Valley. A drunken picnic. A Roman Spa. (25 photos; 2722 words)


Sausalito. Alcatraz. Monkeys and pigs. A fountain. Golden Gate Bridge. Curves and lines. Sealions. Alcatraz. Ice cream. Alcatraz. Cable cars. Chinatown. The Castro. Sushi and leather. (30 photos; 3581 words)


Berkeley. Martin. Homeward bound. Pigs. Reno. Elko. (12 photos; 1202 words)


Clouds and mountains. Salt. Salt Lake City. Mormons. Families. Trains. Laramie. Cheyenne. Denver. Whew! (12 photos; 1224 words)


Mt. Falcon Park. Contemplation. Rest. (10 photos; 1 movie; 827 words)


Idaho Springs cemetary. Mt. Evans. Summits. 14,000 feet. Goats. Evergreen. (33 photos; 1 movie; 3913 words)


Mark's kids. Cheeseburger visions. Grammy's crack. Kansas. The last train. Marshall, Missouri. Sunsets and spiders. (10 photos; 1090 words)


Heat. Porky's. Gone but not forgotten. A tour. Jim the Wonder Dog. Marshall sights. Wine. Home. (14 photos; 1914 words)
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