HTML Overview

Categorizing HTML elements. Basic document structure. Metadata. Global attributes. Lines & paragraphs. Outlines & sections. Grouping. CSS hooks. Lists. Quotations. Text semantics. Text formatting. Links. Multimedia. Tables. Forms. Frames. Scripting. Foreign characters. Obnoxious & obsolete. Character entities. IE, bringing up the rear. Tools.

CSS Overview

History. Why CSS? The DOM. Basic selectors. Simple: universal, type, class, ID. Compound. Complex: descendant & child combinators. Lists. Key selectors. Formatting. span & div. Integrating CSS: inline, embedded, linking, @import. Inheritance. Cascading: importance, specificity, order. The Cascade. Tools.

CSS Data Types

Defined. Images. Text. Wide Usage. Media Queries. Animations & Transformation. Future.

CSS Typography

Why care? Typefaces, fonts, glyphs, & characters. Types. Measure. Leading. Scale. Core Fonts for the Web. ClearType Font Collection. Web browser defaults. Font properties. Font stacks. Text properties. Shorthand. Line box properties. Multi-column layout. Font formats. @font-face. Licensing. Embedding. Serving Google Fonts locally.

Tables & Lists

Deprecations & removals. Basic tables. Defining sets of rows. Table title. Styling tables. Columns. Sortable columns. Creating tables the easy way. Mobility. Styling lists.


Daily use. How forms work. Definitions: labels, fields, & controls. General form attributes. Form containers. Text controls. Choice controls. File select controls. Submission controls. Mobility. Accessibility. Tips & caveats.

Media-Specific Styles

Specifying media queries. Media types. Media-specific rule sets. Common print styles. Print CSS properties, pseudo-classes, & at-rule. Media queries. Viewport-centric. Device-centric: display quality, color media, interaction.
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